L Carroll, born Queens County, Ireland, 1835, was superintendent of the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Works, Washington and in 1863 he married Miss Honora J Mc Mahon of Ohio.

Daniel Hannagan, born Queens County, Ireland in 1815 son of Hugh & Margaret (Duley) married Margaret Miller of Queens County. Margaret Miller was born in Queens County in 1825 and the had 11 children.

Laois Castles;

Aghamacart Castle; Carrigan cites the castle to fall in 1801.One of it's walls stood to a height of 20ft circa 1900. It stood forthy perches from the acient graveyard. Aghamacart, Durrow Co Laois.

Ballacolla Castle; According to the Down Survey map there was a ruined castle in 'Ballicola' in the middle of the 17th century. It's site was in the 'old garden' close to the cross-roads of Tintore Laois.

Ballygihen; In Aghaboe parish. Carrigan cites this as a very curious buliding, 45ft long externally and only 12ft wide internally with a projection at the north-east corner, rectangular below and rounded above. The east side-wall was 30ft high; the south wall entirely destroyed; some fragments of the other walls remained when Carrigan wrote his description; the walls were 3 to 4ft thick.The courtyard was still in fair preservation, 12ft high all round and surrounded by a deep fosse.This was Fitzpatrick territory in the 17th century.

Ballykealy castle; At the turn of the 20th century a considerable fragment of Ballykealy castle was still standing. In Aghamacart parish, the local tradition was the castle belonged to a branch of Fitzpatrick, known as the 'Criffins'.

Cahir Castle; Caar castle stood on the highest point of the castle hill in the townland of Newtown, Catholic parish of Durrow, co Laois. It was the property of the Lord of Upper Ossory prior to Cromwell. A noted robber named Mc Cann had his den there in the 18th century and from this circumstance the castle was known as ' Mc Canns' castle.

Coolkerry; About 70 yards south of the old church, stood the castle of Coolkerry in the parish of Coolkerry, Laois. Nothing remained except a closed-up celler at the turn of the 20th century.

Tithe Defaulers Bordwell 1831

Cuddehy Kyran
Phelan John
Fitzpatrick Robert
Delany Martin
Delany William
Delany Mr. Matthew
Grattan Esq, James
Connor Francis
Connor Michael
Maher Daniel
Connor Margaret
Calahan Daniel
Deegan Patrick
Mc Namara Martin
Dun John
Bowe Patrick
Dun Hysan
White James
Bergin Denis
Bergin Dandy

Maryborough Piper

There is a curious legend told of a piper who was imprisoned in the Convent Tower. He managed to escape from his capturers by one of the secret passages, but was not lucky enough to find an exit. He still wanders around, still striving to reach the upper air. To dispel the lonliness, he playes the pipes. His favourite tune is Coolin. If you hear this beauthful air, you will know that the piper of Maryborough has not yet found his way out of the maze of tunnels in the Convent grounds.

Maryborough Fort 1833.

Officers to serve;
One Burgomaster
Two Baliffs
One Serg. at Mace
One Town clerk
One Billit master
One Craner or Weighmaster
One poundkeeper.

Maryborough Tolls & Customs 1833;

For every horse sold within the town; 2p
Cow; 2p
Goat; 1p
Hog; 1/2p
Plank; 1/2p
Sack of grain; 1/2p
Sheep; 1/2p
Hide or Skin; 1/2p
Cart or Plough; 1p
Pair of wheels; 1/2p
Merchandise to value of 2s; 1/2p
Value of 3s; 1p

(on Fair days)
Horse; 6p
Cow; 3p
Pig/Sheep; 1p
Standings; 4p

Maryborough Fort 1846;
(list of what was in the fort in Queens County when taken by the Rebels)

Sir William Gilbert (Governor of place)
Mr. William Gilbert (son)
An officer under him
All Sir Gilbert's officer and soldiers
4 Prodestant ministers
Mr. Humphrey Gore
Mr. Hugh Gun
Mr Effix Digby
Mr. John Birkhead
1,000 men, women and children.

Maryborough Methodist church 1883;
Stone laid on 9th May 1883, Rev. Samuel Cowpy Pastor, presided.
Rev. John Carson,
Rev. Charles Robertson (Chair Waterford District)
Rev. William Gorman (Univ. of Belfast)

A generous collection was taken at which included 10 presented by Rev. William Gorman on behalf of James Lindsay, esq, of Cannes.
also attending;
Rev. James Lyons
Rev. W.R. Budd
Rev. J.J. Hutchinson
G Hammond
Mrs. Dunean.

Croppy's grave 1798;
A grave still pointed out in Rathdowney Square, the origin of which has puzzled the local inhabitants for many years, dates from this period. It is known locally as the 'Croppy's' grave, and has always been treated with respect and reverence. In 1798, Jerome Watson, a native of Crosspatrick, parish of Johnstown, was tried in the Garrison, Rathdowney, for an attempted robbery of firearms from the hosue of Mr. Vicars of Levally on 17 March, during which attempt the steward, Mr. Whitaker, was accidentally shot dead. William Vicars, writing to his brother Thomas in Dublin on the 21 March, confirmed the murder of Whitaker, adding that some of the windows in the house were broken, and that he himself was obliged to seek refuge, every night since, at the residence of Robert Flood of Middlemount. A servant girl, who was injured in the affray, gave evidence for the prosecution, and swore that Watson and a man named Hennessy from Moore St., Rathdowney, were guilty of the murder of Whitaker. Hennessy escaped from the district as was never heard of again. Following his conviction Watson was flogged by a man named Harney under the orders of Roberr Flood, J.P., Middlemount, Commander of the Ossory Cavalry, who was primarily responsible for the execution. Watson was then placed on a cart, and hanged from a tree in Rathdowney Square, the rope having being tied around his neck by a young son of Dr. Jacob of Knockfinn. The cart was then drawn from under him, the body cut down, and buried in a grave already prepared for it beneath the tree. A can ofl ime was thrown over the body by Walter Phelan of Ballycoolid, and the grave was then closed. An oblong patch of ground covered with gravel now marks the grave in which Watson was interred.

Maryborough Assizes 1798;
Richard Flynn forced Jas. Hogan to take the oath of the United Irishmen in Derrycarrow. John Kennedy and Terence Gaffney administered the oath of the United Irishmen to Edward Spencer at Donaghmore. Thomas Fitzpatrick was charged with the same offence at Cuddagh, and found not guilty, but guilty of the offence of giving the oath to Patrick Bergin at the same place. Jas. Purcell was found guilty of giving the oath to Thomas Redmond at Badger Hill, and John Shanaghan and Robert Mc Donnell of giving it to Edward Slattery at Borris-in-Ossory. Jas Mc Manus of giving it to Terence Monahan, at Ballybrittas, John Byrne to Tim Mc Evoy, at Timogue, Daniel Daly to Thomas Delaney, a private soldier, at Ballyroan, and Michael Calaghan to Alexander Nolan, a private soldier, in Mountmellick. Robert Tuck was charged with taking a gun from Matt Delaney at Tinnekilly, but found not guilty, while William Culleton was found guilty of taking the gun from Delaney. Thomas Cobbe of Portarlington was charged with joining the United Irishmen; John Larrisy with swearing in John Murray at Boley; and John O Meara with challenging Thomas Fitzgerald to fight a duel; but all three were found not guilty. William Keating was sentenced to death for attacking Frances Empy with a pike;and Patrick Hoey, John Dowling and five others received the same sentence for breaking into the house of John Pigot at Capard and robbing same.

Maryborough Assizes 1799;

James Dunne, Thadey Dunne, John Bambrick, Edward Dowling, Joseph Hardy, John Murphy, Patrick Mc Darby were sentenced to be hanged for breaking into and burning the house of Thomas Conway of Farness. Michael Dalton was senenced to be hanged for breaking into the house of John Whitacre at Boleybeg. William Delaney (or Mc Daniel) to be hanged for breaking into the house of Anne Crosbie at the Harrow. George Savage to be hanged for breaking into and robbing the house of William Coleman of Closeland.


Thomas Prior, Rathdowney, reported that the 'Tree of Liberty' had been planted on his land about one mile from the town, but had been cut down by Lieutenant Moore, and burned publicly in the 'Square'.

The Irish Famine, The Irish Misery;

The Famine was to Ireland just one more hateful crush
That started with plantations and Cromwell's cruel push
The coercion of the Union a parliament denied;
No native voice to speak for rights saw misery galore
The absentee, the bailiff and gombeen men galore
Reduced a noble people to beggers by the score.
And mansions gold and riches saw England's rulers fed
While Ireland's fields and ditches were littered with our dead.

The Great Heath;

The Great Heath of Maryborough (Portlaoise) was the place of the battle of Cainthinc in the third-century. The stone called Leac Reta where the seven cantreds of ancient Leix met, iron-age ring barrows, bronze-age cultivated ridges, Rath Slane, an annual assembly called an oenach, nineteenth-century horse racing and manoeuvres of the Queen's County Militia.

Borris-in-Ossory 1825;

A melancholy occurrence and which has excited a very deep sensation, has within the last few days taken place in the neighbourhood of Borris-in-Ossory. A gentleman in the Commission of the Peace for the Queen's county, one of the most kind and humane
character, having had a dispute with his brother, who is also a Magistrate, related to keeping cows on the property of the latter, some persons were sent to drive the cows off the lands, one of whom the brother who owned the cattle shot dead on the spot, and wounded another. An Inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of wilful murder returned, and on the Coroner's warrant, he has been committed to Maryborough Jail, for trial at the next Assizes. We have reason to state that this unfortunate gentleman, who made no effort to escape after the commission of this melancholy act, has been for some time past labouring under a fit of insanity, the fulest proofs of which will be produced on the trial.


Bloody Mary establishes the Fort of Maryborough.

O Moore's and O' Connors constantly attacking the Pale and raiding cattle.
Queen Mary sends army to defeat them and their lands are seized to be planted with loyal settlers.
Her aim was to impose English law, protect the Pale and and control the native population.
Confiscated land was divided into two counties, Queens county (Laois) and Kings county (Offaly) with county towns of Maryborough (Portlaoise) and Philipstown (Daingean)
Land divided into estates of 360acres-two thirds to go to English settlers and the rest ot loyal Gaelic Irish.
Planters had to follow English law, language and customs.
Failure; Only 80 planters came from England, Gaelic Irish continued to raid, but lessons were learned.

1849; Chauline's Ginger Wine;
Sold by;
Abbeyleix; James Morrisey
Maryborough; J Mc Evoy. James Mc Crea
Mountrath; William Bray
Mountmellick; J & H Odlum
Rathdowney; Mary Duigan

Teachers & Monitors Queens County;

Rock; Murtagh Conroy
Morette; John Kavanagh/Mary Kavanagh
Oak; Margaret Lalor
Coote st Mountrath; Mary Flynn/Susan Colgan (m) Annie Carroll (m) Mary Campion (m)
Ballyfin; Martin Hogan/M A Lawlor
Trumera; Catherine Mooney/Mary Gowen
Clonaslee; Joseph Kenny/Daniel Gilmartin/Eliza Dunne (m) Mary Gilligan
Clonadoe; James Mc Cabe/Eliza Mc Cabe
Emo; Patrick Lynan/Kate Cullen/Patrick Walker
Killenard; Thomas Mulhall/Martin Cleary (m)/Catherine Dalton
Castletown; Charles Kavanagh/John Cullen (m)
Mountmellick; Arthur Cullen/Thomas Carroll, Martin Cleary (m), Laurence Costello, Peter Dunne (m) Patrick Dillon (m)
Reary; Denis Connor/Michael Connors (m) Dennis Connors (m)
Raheen; John Hibbits (m), Anastacia Lalor.
Clonard; Michael Lalor.
Ballyroan; William Whyte, Mary Minnack, Eliza Corcoran (m)
Shanahoe; Thomas Buggy, Bt. Lalor, Elinor Byrne
Heath; Thomas Deegan, Anne Deegan.
Maryborough; Anne Scully, Mary Fleming (m) Eliza Delany (m) Alice Foley (m) Kate Wilson (m) Julia Mc evoy (m)
Borris-in-Ossory; Kate Kennedy
Castletown; Ellen Cullen, Rebecca Horan
Derlamogue; John Sullivan, Patrick Fury.
Abbeyleix; John O Reilly, Patrick Roberts (m) Minnie Tobin (m) Catherine Moore (m) Bridget Brennan (m) Mary E Byrne (m) Annie Quinn (m) Catherine Carroll (m)
Mountmellick; Martin Murray, Edd Ryan
Comris; Jno Power, Catherine Purcell (m)
Aughnahille; Joseph Dunne, Nannie Dunne, Mary Dunne(m) Catherine Dunne
Briscoli; Bridget Pillian
Rosenallis; Bridget Conroy, Helena Allen (m) Kate Fury (m) Elizabeth Joyce
Foxrock; Maria Cummins
Mountrath; Jno Mc Cabe, George White (m) Lelilia Mc Combe
Kilbricken; Daniel Shea, Pat Cullen (m)Aneas Murray
Rathdowney; James Mc Caffery, Jane Mc Caffery, Michael Byrne (m)
Mountmellick Bt. Tracey, Julia Connors (m) Anne Kearney (m) Teresa Costello (m) Elizabeth Walsh (m), Bridget Hartney (m) Eliza Walsh (m) Mary A Carroll (m)
Borris-in-Ossory; Kate Horan
Portarlington; M A Keenen (m) Eliza Webster (m) Lizzie Keenan, Emily Farrell, Lizzie Moran, M A Costello, Lizzie Dempsey, Eliza Moran (m), Kate Mc Evoy (m)
Coote st Mountrath; Pat Price, Fenton Deegan (m) Hy campion (m) Patrick Dunne (m) John Rochford.
Ballacolla; William Stapleton
Killanure; Mary Fitzpatrick
Castlecuffe; William Conroy, Bridget Conroy
Clonin; Anne Power, Mary Delany (m)
Ballycuddy; Kate Mc Evoy
Portlaois Prison; Thomas Heenan, M A Nicholls
Barnashrone; Patrick Fennelly
Manor Mountrath; Denis Kavanagh
Mountmellick; Thomas Browne, Anne Barton (m), James H Hawkes, Elizabeth Deverell (M)
Kilbricken; Anne Shea, Anne Long, Anne Murray
Tinnahinch; John Dunne, Mary Gilligan
Straboe; John Tynan
Maryborough; William Clements, Martha Mc Cann (m)
Coolbanagher; Robert Armstrong, Charles G Mc Carthy, Sarah Mc Gowen
Abbeyleix; B. Lalor
Straboe; John nTynan
Emo; Kate Cullen
Rosenallis; Helena Allen

1848 contracts directed to Mountmellick;

Messers Pim & Sons;
Cocoa; 88s & 1p per cwt.
Soap; 5s per cwt.
Dipt candles; 6s per doz.

Mrs Graham;
Tea; 4s per lb
Mounded candles; 7s & 3p per doz

Messers Leslie;

Mr Daniel
Ironmongery and shoe-fielding

Mr Southern;
Coffins by size; 1/6p, 2/3p, 2/9p

1848 'Criminals'

John Brophy & Michael Deegan, stealing and robbing from house of Thomas Fahy

Patrick & Catherine Delaney, Judith Farrell, stealing and having a lamb, property of Michael Quarney, of Sentry Hill, Borris.

Marian Hoorahan, stealing Oats

Patrick Fermoyle, sheep stealing.

Mary Cowpie, stealing Hair cloth from Richard Langton.

Margaret Hogan for offering 'goods' under false pretences, property of Thomas Fletcher.

James Tuck, James Flanagan, for killing and having a Pig, property of Margaret Morrissey.

Patrick, Daniel, Michael and Mary Breen for stealing sheep, property of Michael Roe, Middlemount, Borris.

Edward Mc Donald, stealing 2 sheep, property of John Healy Owen esq.

Denis Bergin, guilty of stealing on Kish of turf at Colt Bog. Fortnight imprisonment.

John Mulhall stole 3st potatoes at Shanahoe, 3mts imprisonment.

William Lalor and Christopher Slevin guilty of stealing 10st potatoes, fortnight imprisonment.

Anthony Case jnr. Michael Holohan, stole turf from Tunduff, 1 month imprisonment.

Thomas & Mary Bergin stole butter at Camphill,3 mts imprisonment.

Patrick Doherty stole a pair of shoes at Castlegrogan, fortnight and whipt once.

Mary Brophy, 2mts. for stealing from Abbeyleix workhouse.

Catherine Brophy, ditto.

Eliza & Johathan Ellis stole stone of Wheat, the property of John Healy Owen, 3mts.

Ellen Delany, transported for 7 years (including previous crimes) for stealing potatoes from Daniel Galbriath.

2 sheep, the property of Joseph Case, Raheenbrogue, were stolen, and two men, Donovan )a butcher) and his neighbour, Michael Dune have both been commuted to Maryboro for robbery.

Doonane (Famine times)

An area of dense population, and a complete crop failure of the Potato crop in 1846/47, where people, it is said, lay down to die in ditches with weakness from hunger. Many corpses were left unburied and an epdemic of Fever ensued. The old Barracks, now demolished, was used as a soup kitchen.

Famine 'Soup'

At Vicarstown, the estate of Right Hon. James Grattan, son of Henry Grattan, 30 gallons and 120 quarts of soup were made up of
1 Ox head (no tongue)
28lbs turnips.
3lbs onions.
7lb carrots.
21lb pea-meal.
4lb Indian cornmeal
the rest water
(a local shopkeeper described the 'soup' as a "vile compound")

Rathdowney Hero awarded Victoria Cross;

John Moyney VC (8th January 1895-10th November 1980) was born in Rathdowney, Queens County, Ireland. He was an Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
He was 22 years old, and a Lance-Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion, Irish Guards, British Army during the First World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.
On 12/13 September 1917 north of Broembeek, Belguim, Lance-Sergeant Moyney was in command of 15 men forming two advanced posts. Surrounded by the enemy he held his post for 96 hours, having no water and very litle food. On the fifth day, and the enemy advancing to dislodge him, he attacked them with bombs, while also using his Lewis pistol to great effect. Finding himself surrounded, he led his men in a charge through the enemy and reached a stream, where he and a private (Thomas Woodcock) covered his party while they crossed unscathed, before crossing themselves under a shower of bullets.(photo in Image gallery)

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Private Hugh Massey Steele, born Rathdowney, in 1828, died 16/1/1894.
His status is that he probably rode in the 'Charge of the Light Brigade'.
He enlisted at the age of 18 years and was promoted after the charge on 1/11/1854 and was invalided to England on 24/3/1855. He was discharged from Chatham Invalid Depot on 12/7/1855 being disabled after frost bite of toes and feet in the Crimea. He was entitled to the Crimea medal with clasps 'Alma' Balaclave' 'Inkerman' and Sebastopal. He lived in Melbourne from 10/10/1857.
Hugh Steele proudly wore his mementoes of his ordeal in Crimea, two Silver medals, one of which was presented personally by Queen Victoria, bearing his name and his Regiment (8th K R Hussars) also on four lines the names of the four great features of that campaign Alma, Balaclave, Inkerman and Sebastopol. The other medal was presented by the Sultan of Turkey "La Crimea 1855 on of the 600.
No more than one third came out of that singular dash.
He died in Cootamundra aged 66 years. He was a Methodist and left a widow and four children aged from 9 years to 21 years.
His other brother Arthur Loftus Steele (Sergeant of Police Victoria) was responsible for the capture of Ned Kelly an in famous Irish outlaw in Australia.

Alice Hill b. 1859. in Stradbally. died. 8/10/1900
Husband; John Large; born 1842
Married; 5/11/1889 Nenagh Tipperary.

Courtmartial 1821
At a courtmartial at the Curragh, Edward Donohoe, Knockmay, Maryborough, was charged with having a live bomb in an outhouse at the rere of his residence, when searched, and had instructions as to drilling. He was sentenced to 2 years hard labour.
Both he and the Duffs as previously announced have been sent to prison in Scotland to undergo their long sentences.

Courtmartial 1821;
The following is the official report of a courtmartial at the Curragh of Patrick Lynch, Sandy lane Mountmellick. Home searched and letter found re Ireland and England war, and the brave fight Irishmen were making, and that England would soon be sick of it. Sentence of six months without hard labour.

Raid 1821
Raids were carried out by Crown forces on the premises of Mr Richard Brennan, printer, Maryborough, and also the premises occupied by his mother, known as the Refreshment Rooms, Church st.

Methodist Minister's Maryborough 1860 onwards;

1886-63; Robert J Meyer
1863-64; John Higgins
1864-66; Thomas Pearson
1866-67; John Duncan
1867-69; John Carson
1869- ; Samuel Weir
18..-74; John Murdock
1874-76; Robert M Morrison
1876-78; William B Monaghan
1878- ; Edward C West
1887- ; Samuel Cowdy
1883-86; William R Budd
1866-89; Frederick A Trotter
1889-92; John H Martin
1892-95; Thomas Knox
1895-98; George L Webster MA
1898-01; Andrew Loftus Coade
1904-07; Henry J F Ranson
1907-10; Herbert Deale
1910-13; James Gibson
1913-16; Robert Rainey
1916-19; Joseph Mathers BA
1919-22; Robert Moore BA
1922-23; Bertha C Moran
1924-27; James Johnston
1927-30; William H Stewart
1930-34; Francis E Morrow
1932-35; J Arthur Hynes
1935-38; Samuel J W Nabey BA
1939-44; Robert C Reddie MA
1944-47; Frederick J Harte BA BD
1947-51; Eric J Mason
1951-56; Walter Crowe
1956-58; James Johnston
1956-61; James F Mc Evoy
(Rev. James F Mc Evoy was the last Methodist Minister to reside in Portlaoise)

Methodist Ministers Maryborough prior 1860;

1842-44; Wallace Mc Mullan
1844-46; John Saul
1845-47; John Donald
1848-49; William Crook DD
1848-52; John Nelson
1850-52; Richard Maxwell
1852-53; James Carey
1854-55; William Christie
1853-54; William Gorman
1855-57; Henry J Giles
1855-56; Samuel Paiterson
1857-58; Thomas Moran
1858-59; Edward Harte
1858-60; John Hughes
1859-60; George Barnes
1856-57; William J Storey
also John Mc William 1860-61 who probably resided in Abbeyleix.


Burros in Ossory Rangers;
Scarlet, faced black, silver epauletts;
Captain Commandant; James Stephens
Lieutenant; Eramus Burrows
Ensigh; Walter Stephens.

Graigue Volunteers;
Blue faced scarlet;
Colonel; Sir J Parnell Bart.

Ossory True Blues;
Scarlet edged blue;
Colonel; Edward Flood
Major Robert Palmer

Portarlington Infantry;
Scarlet faced yellow, silver lace;
Major Commandant W M Legrand
Captain James Stannus
Captain Henry Carey
Ensign; Annesley Carey

Stradbally Volunteers
Scarlet faced blue, silver lace
Colonel Thomas Cosby

Maryboro Volunteers;
Scarlet faced black;
Colonel; Sir J Parnell Bart.

Rathdowney Volunteers;
Scarlet faced white
Colonel; J Palmer

Offerlane Blues;
Scarlet faced blue, silver lace;
Colonel; Luke Flood

Rosenallis Volunteers;
Scarlet faced blue, silver lace
Colonel; Richard Croasdale
Major George Sandes
Captain L Sandes
Captain J Sabater
Captain A Johnson
Lieutenant William Tracey

A list of some of the first Leasees of Maryborough.

Humphry Hazelwood (Soldier)
Kilone & Kilmurray

Robert Quyeke (Soldier)
Kilnabrone & Dysert Enos

Thomas Smyth (Gent)
Colt, Kyletbreeken and Rancolenan

Sir Ralph Bagnall
Eyne, Straboe, Shean, Borris & Ratheven

John Dukirley (Soldier)

Henry Wise Esq.
Ballyknockan & Kilcolmanbane

Edward Fay
Ballyfin, Cloneygowan, Clonenagh & Campe.

(These were some of the first English settlers in district)

Rebellion of 1798;
(Leinster Express)

The short(ened) story of the Lalor Brothers of Stradbally.

Two Lalor brothers, Jack and Dandy, with two Hickey brothers, were sitting on Bankers Hill when the patrol of the Blue Horse spotted them. They fled, the Hickey bros torwards the summit of the hill and the Lalor bros down the slope and being young and fit out-distanced their pursuers. Jack faced the enemy with an old Queen Anne gun. A shot from the long-range weapon halted his pursuers long enough to enable him to leap across a river to safety in the woods with his brother.
The Hickeys were not so lucky. They were shot and the cruel soldiers tied them to their horses tails and dragged them up and down the streets of Stradbally. Finally they threw their mangled bodies into the briars near the back entrance to Oughval cemetery.
News reached the Lalor's their brothers were shot and the eldest went to find out if the bodies were indeed their brothers.
They were so mangled that she could not recognise them. All she knew was that they were not her brothers,,, for the socks they wore were not her handiwork.....

Rectors in Mountmellick;

Kemmis George
Lucas John Frederick
Harpur Thomas Bernard
Wallace William Johnson
Taylor Herbert Mc Vittie
Wilson Godfrey
Wilson Cecil

Presbyterian Ministers Mountmellick

Mc Manus Henry
Hardshaw R.H
Smith William

Clergymen in Oregan

Geering Nicholas
Bignell William
Pit John
Digby Benjamin
Westemra Peter
Baldwin John
Davis William Sampson
Bolton William F
Gilmour Andrew Hercules.


Maryborough inquisition (held for the purpose of dividing and uniting parishes) informs us;
Stradbally has 7 townlands, the parsonage was worth 12 and the vicarage 6 per annum. Patron; Trinity College.

Curclone had 8 townlands, 34 acres of glebe worth 40 per annum.

Moyanna had 7 townlands worth 12 per annum.

Tymogue or Timahoe had 4 townlands worth 16 per annum. Patron; Earl of Kildare.

Two rectories in this district (Ballyquaile and Ballycoolin) are not mentioned in this inquisition.

In 1616 the church of Ballycoolin was in ruinous condition.

Thom's Directory 1883 Maryborough;

Stamp distributers;
Barnes M.F. (Head, Mullingar)
Morrisey Edward J; (Abbeyleix)
Delany Molloy; (Durrow)
Mc Mahon John; ( Mountmellick)
Sawyer John; ( Mountrath)
Smallman J S; (Portarlington)
Perry Henry G; (Rathdowney)
Kelly Mary Ann; (Stradbally)

Resident Magistrates;

Maryborough; Blake Henry A.
Stokes H. J.
Portarlington; Fitzgerald Vesey esq.

Barony Cess collectors;

Ballyadams; Empey R. J.
Clondonagh; Steele George V
Clarmullagh; Carter Peter R.
Cullenagh; Betts Henry
Maryborough East; Lewis William
Maryborough West; Dobbs William
Portnahinch; Mitchell Thomas
Slievemarigue; Edge William J.
Stradbally; Greenlean Arthur
Tinneninch; Luttrell Jonathan
Upperwoods; Cornelius Alexander

Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions 1884.

Mr. Arthur O Connor asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware, that at the Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions on the 24th ultimo, the following persons were sued for the under-mentioned sums on account of the Extra Police Tax, viz; Margaret Mc Donnell (one halfpenny) Thomas Denaney (2p) Thomas Gorman (1p) Ellen Bruder (1p) John Abbin (5p) John Brennan (4p) William Mackey (3p) and whether he sanctioned these proceedings and whether he will state the grounds on which the Extra Police Tax is levied, and what there is or has been in the district to justify the impost?.
Mr Campbell Bannerman, The persons named were summoned as stated. The police tax is levied according to the valuation of the holdings, and the sums in this case were very small, as they were in payment for a period of only 18 days. The proceedings were taken in ordinary course of law, and my sanction was not required. The extra police force was sent to the district on account of the existence of intimidation and 'Boycotting', whereby it became necessary to afford extra protection to certain obnoxious persons.

Mr O Brien wished to know, in reference to a number of illegal decrees granted in the Monanimy case, whether the Government would pay the expenses of the police who carried out the illegal seizures?

Mr Campbell Bannerman, replied that he was not aware of the circumstances.

Mr. Sexton, I would ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he thinks it is wise or intelligent proceeding to put the whole machinery of the law in operation for the purpose of enforcing the payment of one halfpenny from a widow?
No reply.

Maryborough Gaol 1884.

Mr. Arthur O Connor asked the Chief Secretary, if it is a fact that, since Maryborough Gaol has been converted into a convict prison, the work of the staff has been very much increased; whether there are eight warders now receiving only local warder's salary, but compelled to do duty as convict warders, whether it is a fact that the warders are not allowed Sunday leave; whether two warders resigned, and two more were discharged, on medical grounds, as unable to perform the excessive work no imposed on them: whether John Gorman died of typhoid fever on the 27th October, and the chief warder and three ordinary warders are now dangerously ill, two in the County infirmary, and two in their homes, owing to excessive confinement; and whether the warders have not been subjected to an unusual number of assaults by the convicts' bordering on insanity' whom they are not numerous enough properly to control?

Mr. Campbell Bannerman, The General Prisons board report to me that it is not a fact that since Maryborough Prison has been converted into a convict prison the work of the staff has been very much increased, and they explain the circumstances which may have given rise to the suggestion in other parts of the question. It is only in case of emergency, caused by absence of warders or otherwise, that local warders are occasionally called to assist in the convict part of the prison. All warders are allowed their proper portion of partial or entire Sunday leave (partial every Sunday, entire one in six) except when absences on leave or through illness prevent. It is not a fact that two warders have resigned owing to excessive work. In a number of years only one has resigned, and he did so a few days after joining the service. It is not a fact that two warders have been invalided owing to excessive work. Warder Gorman, who died recently, did not usually sleep or take his meals in the prison, but with his family in the town. Two warders are at present convalescent in the fever hospital, and two in their quarters in the prison. The medical officer states their illness was not caused by confinement in the prison. As, however, it appears from this statement that there have been five cases of fever among the warders, I shall ask for a further special report as to whether there can by any illness attributed to defects in the building. There have been no serious assualts in the prison, and the Prisons Board report that the staff is quite sufficent to control prisoners.


Maryborough court house was burned down to the ground and all documents stored there were destroyed.

Brian Phelan, the exercise officer in Queens county. He had summoned, for an un-licensed gun, the son of a local magnate, from whom he received a furious note, ending, " A thousand and one poachers in the Queens County, and my son Tom is caught". Brian responded, " I beg to inform you that there are only a thousand poachers in the Queens County since your son Tom was caught"!!


Elglish traveller Arthur Young, stayed in Ballyroan and he said of his experience, where he slept in an Inn kept by animals, who call themselves women, an execrable hole!!

Maryboro District 1832.
Nicholas Connors, Carlow student 1803-06. In his evidence before the House of Commons in 1832 Fr. Nicholas O'Connor, P.P., V.F., stated that since he went to Maryboro' in 1816, there were famines in 1817, 1822 and 1825. The people, he said, were living on the yellow weeds that grew in corn; the people turned yellow from the nature of the food. Children used watch the shades of the sun about 12 noon to see when their mothers would bring home the potatoes. When administering the Last Sacraments he was obliged to pick the straw from the skins of the dying. The people were almost naked at all times. They had no bed-clothes only the clothes they wore during the day. Very often at their death they had only water and potatoes. Fr. O'Connor left Carlow College 1 July, 1814. Dr. Kane had the note: "1817, Dr. Corcoran appointed V.F. J Doyle." This seems to mean that Dr. Corcoran appointed Fr. O'Connor to Maryboro' in 1817, and that Dr. Doyle appointed him V.F. According to his own statement just quoted, he came to Portlaoighise in 1816. The "Catholic Registry" gives him the title of V.G. from 1837 to 1842.

No Flies on the Irish;
In the summer of 1599, the english Lord Lieutenant Robert Deveraux, the Earl of Essex, was defeated at the 'Pass of the Plumes' or Bearna Gletti, in Irish, near the village of Ballyroan, Laois.
Essex's men were plagued during the battle by midges and horseflies, whereas the Laoismen, or Leixmen as the were known then, seemed immune to the harrassment of the insects.
It is said that after the loss, Essex's men said that there were 'no flies on the Rebel Irish'.
Irish folklore records that the Gaelic clans of old each had a plant as a clan smybol. That for the O Moore clan was a heather of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. They added sprigs of a bog plant to their caubeens (caps) to repel insects. This humble plant was called in Gaelic, Raideog. Monks of the monactic era used it in beer manufacture before hops became available.
I wonder how many know this all started with defeat of the english at Ballyroan precisley 500 years ago!

Teachers in Oregan (Rosenallis) 1824

Nira; Feightry John (8 per ann)
Corbally; Dunne John (6)
Skerry; Redmond John. (4-11-0)
Gurteen; Mc Dermot Peter (11)
Mulloughanard; Dunne Eliza, (6)
Clonaslee; Maher John
Ballyeeling, Keenahan William
Cooolack; Dowling John
Broea; Martin Eliza
Drummond & Rearymore; Fogarty Martin (10)
Clonduff; Lynch William, (10)
Ballymacrony; Smyth Daniel; (6)
Cappard; Dunne Rev. T & Keenan Rev. W

Protestant school;
Hannigan George (10)

List of Incumbents from First Fruit records;

Lightboud Gulielm; (1619)
Chapman George; (1662)
Chapman George; (1675)
Hall Ricus; (1684)
Harwood Ricus; (1709)
Marsh Jeremiah; (1788)
Saurin James; (1801)
Pigott Rev. Thomas; (1812)

Individual records;
Swan Christopher George;
B. 4/7/1884, Durrow, Laois
D. 1898.
Parents; Sealy Stone Swan
B. 1838
Emma (Shaw) Swan
B. 24/5/1849, Howth, Dublin
D. 22/6/1890
Married; 2/6/1881, Holy Trinity Dublin.
Scully Michael;
B. Oct 1845, Mountmellick
Mary (Redmond) Scully
B. 1815
Marriage; 1830 Mountmellick.
Ashton Fredrick Oliver;
B. 1870 Stradbally Hall
Violet Grace Ashton (Cosby)
B. 1874, Stradbally Hall
Marriage; 11/1/1894.
Moore Ann;
B. 1899, Ballyfin
Moore Fintan;
B. 1867
Moore (Breen) Ann;
B. 1869, Ballyfin
Moore Archibald;
B. 1551, Stradbally Abbey
Moore Catherine Rose (Cosby)
B. 1555, Stradbally Abbey
Marriage; 1572, Stradbally.
Conroy Catherine;
B. 1834, Mountmellick
D. 11/6/1901, Coney Island Ny.
Patrick Mc Gree;
B. 1834
D. 3/5/1889, Hoy Cross cemetery NY
Marriage; 26/1/1865, Mountmellick.
Conroy Kate;
B. 1767, Queens County
Maher Michael;
B. 1765
D. 1860
Marriage; 1787 Queens County.
Whelan Annie Maria;
B. 28/10/1842 Queens county
D. 12/5/1919, Philadelphia
Schofield John Henry;
B. 24/3/1832, Port Carmel, Jamacia
D. 20/6/1889, Lock Haven, Clinton PA
Marriage; 31/12/1859.
Whelan Catherine;
B. 1796 Tomoclavin Queens County
D. 1861
Lacy Michael;
B. 1796, Tomoclavin
D. 1819 Tomoclavin
Marriage; 1819 Tomoclavin.
Dunne Elizabeth;
B. 1779, Luggacurran
Moore Michael;
B 1798, Ballyadams
D. 19/4/1889, Luggacurran
Marriage; 1820, Luggacurran
Dunne Alicia;
B. 1830 Mountrath
d. 1887, East Melbourne Aus.
Lalor Peter;
B. 1825 Tinakil
D. 9/2/1889, Melbourne.
Marriage; 10/7/1855, St Marys Geelong. Aus.
Horan Catherine;
B. 1828/29, Mountmellick
D. 5/5/1911, Clondouglas, Abbeyleix
Phelan James;
B. 1822/23 Mountmellick
D. 16/2/1833, Clondouglas, Abbeyleix.
Ring James;
B. 1849/50, Labigney, Queens.
Brennan Maria;
B. 1853/54, Tonduff, Abbeyleix
Marriage; 30/5/1874, Abbeyleix.
Moran Michael;
B. 1810, Luggacurran
Reddy Bridget;
B. 1814, Luggacurran
Moran Alvin;
B. 1849
Marriage; 1835, Boley, Abbeyleix.
Thackaberry Edward;
B. 15/2/1878, Ballybrittas
Thackaberry Robert;
B. 15/2/1878, Ballybrittas.
Thackaberry Charles;
B. 11/12/1879, Ballybrittas.
Thackaberry William
Thackaberry (Finn) Mary;
Thackaberry Henry;
B. 18/8/1834, Laoise
Thackaberry William
Thackaberry (Christian) Elizabeth.
Sprigg John Wogan;
B. 8/1/1818, Pallas, Portlaoise
D. 6/4/1885, Morphett S Aus.
Weymouth 'Kitty' Catherine;
B. 3/6/1825, Moloborough, England.
D. 15/2/1904, Morphett, S. Aus.
Jessop Benjamim;
B. 1690, Coolaboy, Kings Co
Pim Elizabeth;
B. 12/12/1694, Lackah, Mountrath
D. 1/2/1723
Marriage; 1/3/1721, Mountrath
Pim Moses
Raper Anne.

Jackson Dorothy;
B. 15/3/1732; England.
(hus) Pim William; B. 15/1/1692 Lackah Mountrath
D. 11/12/1751
Married; 2/1/1715, Mountrath.
Jackson Richard;
B. 1626 England.
D. 7/4/1679, Rosenallis.
(wife) Kette Margaret;
D. 1705, Rosenallis.

Oaths of Allegiance; (1775)
Anderson Samuel I.B; Cullenaugh
Keefe John; Ballyadams
Purcell Joseph; Timogue
Brennan Edmond; Iron Mills.
Mc Daniel Con; Rahinduff
Kelly William; Stradbally
Lalor John; Stradbally
Wallace Pat; Stradbally
Dunne Pat; Corclone
Byrne Pat; Timogue
Dunne William; Timogue
Dunn Darby; Bawn
Connell Richard; Stradbally.
Barron James; Ballymakin
Brennan George; Tullymoy
Dillyn Thomas; Mountrath

Land owners in County Laois;

Sandes Maria; Clonderglass, Mountrath.
Smallhorn Joshua; Portarlington
Smyth E.S.R.; Mount Henry, Portarlington
Stannus Robert T.; Portarlington
Tabiteau Augustus; Portarlington
Warburton Richard; Portarlington
Webb Louisa; Portarlington
Anderson Mary; Portarlington
Ashbourne Lord; Durrow
Carden Major Henry D; Portarlington
Cary Owen; Portarlington
Clarke Jonathan; Portarlington
Coffey Edward; Portarlington
Connor Martin; Portarlington
Cooke Mary; Portarlington.

Preogative Wills;

Fairbrother James; Coolrane, 1768
Finn Edmund; Castlefleming, 1787
Finn William; Coolkerry, 1671
Flanagan Andrew; Marymount, 1785
Fitzpatrick Daniel; Kilmomnfoyle, 1758
Fitzpatrick Edmund; Tentore, 1690
Fitzpatrick William; Gortneclaha, 1762
Geale Ebenezer; Cullihill, 1768
Geale John; Cullihill, 1696
Geale John; Rathdowney, 1762
Gibbs John; Deerpark, 1775
Grace Oliver; Mount Oliver, 1775
Graham James; Derremahagh, 1787.
Hely Mark; Bouledyff, 1781
Holland Gerard; Borris-in-Ossory, 1744
Hugon John; Derrycarroll, 1744
Jackson John; Killnure, 1717
Jackson Thomas; Killnure, 1716
Jacob Patrick; Crossborough, 1779
Julian Thomas; Graignagha, 1720
Keays Denis; Newtowne, 1797
Lewis Daniel; Aughamacart, 1762
Lodge Jeremigh; Greaigvoice, 1778
Manley James; Castlefleming, 1662
May Abraham; Skeirke, 1762
Milbourn Henry; Ballycleary, 1776
Milbourn John; Coole, 1796
Molyneux William; Borris-in-Ossory, 1766
Morphy James; Rathdowney, 1800
Mosse John; Carigall, 1748
Murphy James; Cullhill, 1746
Murphy John; Deryeduffe, 1779
Mylady John; Grenane, 1699

All Ireland Surnames 2002;(Portlaoise Library)

Bambrick; The name was present in Laois 16th century. Mac Lysaght thinks it might be a Scottish toponymic, but it is rare there.

Behan; A literary sept of Laois/Offaly, some of whom moved to Kerry in the last two hundred years.

A family of Laois still extant in its native teritory. Aimheirgin is legendary name meaning "born of song" and belonged to Ireland's first mythological poet.

Rare; Kilkenny, Laois. 0' Bordhrain,bodhar=deaf.

Rare; Laois. English, from a number of placenames.

Numerous. A sept of Ossory (Laois-Kilkenny) where they still flourish. A territorial indication in Ballybrophy, recte, Baile Ui Bhroithe.

Rare; Dublin, Laois, Galway. Anglo-Norman

Fairly numerous. Cork, Laois(Cahalan)

Rare; Laois. English, from place in Cumbria; "cold stream".

Fairly numerous. A name which became plentiful in Laois & Kilkenny in the 19th century and still flourishes. Caimpion means "champion".

Rare; A Quaker family of Laois.

Numerous. The personel name Cearbhall is thought to mean " brave in battle". These names relate to a number of septs; e.g. O Carroll of Ely (Laois)

Laois, Tipperary, Kilkenny etc. Originally a family of hereditary physicians in Laois, the anglicised versions vary and there seems to be confusion with O Caisin which relates to Munster.

Fairly rare; A somewhat derogatory name; clamh is a mangy creature, a leper. A sept of Laois-Offaly, the name is sometimes anglicised Swords, from confusion with the Irish word claidheamh, a sword, but perhaps deliberately!!

Laois, Carlow, Wexford. English 17th century.

Fairly rare; Down, Antrim Laois. English 16th century.

Numerous. The name has always been associated with the area around the Slieve Bloom in Laois.

Numerous. The sept was seated in Clanmalier, Laois-Offaly, until dispossessed in the 17th century.

Numerous. O Deorain, wanderer, exile and by extension, a pilgrim. A noted brehon family of Laois and one of the "Seven Septs" there.

On Thursady night H.B. Wray, Esq, sub-inspector of the police in this county, proceeded about 8 o' clock to the house of a Mr Finegan, at Balliknocker, about two miles from Maryborough, which he expected to be attacked. Mr Wray, who was accompanied by his brother in law, Mr Biddulph, disposed of his forces, consisting of twelve policemen, to the best advantage, leaving four men and Mr Biddulph outside the house consealed. At a few minutes after 10 o' clock a large body of rockites (about fifty) advanced in military order, calling right and left. On their arrival near the house, one of the party perceived a policeman under a cock of hay, and gave alarm. Mr Biddulph and four policemen stationed outside the house, immediately started from their hiding place, and were fired upon by the rockites, happily without effect. The police returned fire. One man, name Conratty, near this town, was shot; four prisoners were taken, two of them wounded. And it is known that others were also badly wounded. Fourten balls, one pair of gloves and eight coats were left by the rockites on the field of action. The prompt conduct of the police outside the house, and the instant flight of the rockites, prevented Mr Wray and the main body of the police from being engaged in the affray, they being in the house, which the did not leave until the fire was halted.

At Maryborough Assizes, John Baker was sentenced to death by Lord Plunkett, for being of the party that attacked the house of Langley Clayton and fired at the police. Three others, names O Connor, Delany and Shortal, were also sentenced for attacking the house of John Hanlon and firing at police. Two men, named Power and Sharpe, are found guilty of attacking and setting on fire the house of Pat Brenan. Daniel Walshe, for a desperate attack and highway robbery of Mr Kemmis, was sentenced to be hanged.

William Delaney and Samuel Shortall were found guilty of attacking the house of John Fingleton, and for firing at Robert Biddelph-sentenced to be transported for 7 years.

Maryborough, following prisioners were tried.
Curran George, for stabbing John Rafter at Ballyfin, in two parts of his body, by which his life was endangered-Guilty; Not sentenced

Mc Cabe/Maher Michael, for violent assault on Wm. Maughan, which fractured his skull-Guilty. Not sentenced.

Ryan Patrick/Mc Manus John, for serving a threatening notice on Thomas Copeland, of Deerpark for the purpose of inducing him to give up his land. Guilty. Seven years transportartion.

Sharp John, for attacking, with others, the house of John Houghey, of Carlow Graig, taking him from him a gun, and administering an unlawful oath-Guilty. 7 years transportation.

Donnelly Bryan, for assualting the house of Charles Quinn, of Dunsallagh, and swearing him to give up his land-Guilty. 7 years transportation.

Neill Phelam, for attacking the house of C. Mc Carthy, of Kilabaughan, by throwing stones into the house, and stripping thatch off it-Guilty. 7 years transportation.

Captain Singleton, chief magistrate, has fully committed to Maryborough gaol, Patrick Whelan, charged with the murder of Mr. John Baily, on the lands of Inch, near Stradbally, in the month of March 1832, for which offence John Delany was found guilty at the special commission and executed. Mr. Baily was shot in open day whilst supertending his men, and, although mortally wounded, fought hand to hand with the assasins, until he fell daad from loss of blood, and covered with wounds. The magistrate has also committed to Maryborough, a noted character, named John Deegan, for attacking the house of Mr. John Haughey, on the lands of Graigue, near this town, and robbing it of a gun, for which a man named John Sharpe was transported at the last assizes.

Huguenot Refugees;
Abbadie James;
Allix Peter;
Arnauld John;
Aufrere George M.P.
Auriol Peter;
Baldouin;#Bayley Sir John;
Beauvoir De;
Berniere Jean Antoine De;
Chaignean Louis;
Cour De La;
Geneste Louis;
Gost John;
Mazieres De;
Pelessier Abel;
Perrin Count;
Pilot Josue;
De Bigoe Phillip;
De Gennes;
Fontane James;

Wills 1870-1879 (Farrell/Laois)

Farrell Maryanne; 1870 Maryborough
Farrell Thomas; 1874 Crosneen
Farrell Matthew; 1874 Maryborough
Farrell William; 1858 Strahard
Farrell James; 1865 Balkefield
Farrell John; 1882 Drimogue

Extracted Probates 1630-1655

Inkersall John, Castle Mote, Dysart Gallen, Queens County by half-brother John Somer and half-brother Stephen Somer.

Needam Symon of Ballycarroll by relict Catherine.

Death 1762
The Rev. Mr. Stringer, Ballinakill Queens County.

Census 'Strays'
North of Ireland family History Society.

Delaney Joseph, inmate, widower, 58, 1891,
Dunn Bridget, married, 58, 1881, wife of Patrick.
Dunn James, 13, 1881, aboard Humber Training ship
Dunn Patrick, married, 72, 1881
Dunn Patrick Jnr., 20, 1881, son of Patrick
Follin Richard, 23, 1881, Derbyshire
Ford W. 69, 1881 Middlesex
Garnett Elizabeth, married, 60, shoemakers wife, 1881
Hyland John, son, 30, Colliery lab. 1881
Hyland Richard, married, 36, Soldier/Pte. Mountmellick 1851
Kavanagh Kate, married, 29, 1881
Kavanagh Patrick, married, 28, Stable man to Tram co, 1881
Kearnes William, 22, 1851
Kennedy Catherine, 40, 1881
Kennedy John, married, Agri lab. 1881
O Grady Mary, Inmate, married, 58, 1891
Pollet Margaret, Inmate, widow, 62, 1891
Robinson Sarah, Inmate, married, 50, 1881
Ryan Mary, 27, 1851
Ryan Michael, 26, 1851
Ryan Michael, 5, 1851
Ryan Partick, 4, 1851
Salmon Maryann, 60, 1881
Shea Ann, married, 46, 1881
Slavin Elizabeth(wife), 62, 1881
Slavin Mary (dtr), 22, 1881
Slavin Michael (ftr), 73, publican, 1881
Salvin Michael (son), 30, coalminer, 1881
Spelman Thomas, married, 38, constable, 1891
Steele Catherine, 17, 1881
Taylor Rosoma, married, 26, 1851

St John the Baptist Church, Ballyfin.
First Easter Vestry and Election of First Vestry.
April 1912.
Those present;
Sir A Coote, Bart H.M.L., Jonathan Cole, R Thompson, G Knaggs, R Sands, G. Clements, R. Teer, J. Thompson, J White, P Broomfield, H Ince, T Cole, T Thompson, G Wallace, C Thompson, E Clelend.
Those elected;
Sir A Coote, Jonathan Cole, John Cole, J Rafter, R Thompson, P Broomfield, S Dunne, C Gilbourne, G Knaggs, R Sands, W Cleland, T Thompson.
Some Rectors;
Rev. Richard Bird
Rev. Robert E Weir
Rev. Henry Fair
Rev. George F Gibson
Rev. Farncis G Guy
Rev. Robert W Madden.
Some Memorials;
Pulpit; Rev. Sir Algernon Coote Bt. (1904)
Prayer Desk; Rev. A.H. Rainsford M.A. (1904)
Flower Stands; Cecil & Nellie Thompson.
Bible; Edward & Violet Frances Thompson

The first traces of human life in the Clonaslee area can be found at Killnaparson which is the site of a Megalithic Tomb known as the Giant's Grave.
The earlist tombs date back around 5,000BC.
St Manman set up two monasteries in the Clonaslee area in the seventh century. The largest was Kilmanman, meaning, Manman's Church.
The second monastery of St Manman was at Carrigeen in the townland of Garryhedder. An unknown bishop was buried in the graveyard.
Sir Charles Coote's father had established himself in Tinnahinch and he built Castlecuffe. He named the castle after his wife who was Dorothy Cuffe from Cork.
Roskeen Castle was built by Donal O Dunne in 1584 and was destroyed in 1691.
Clarahill Castle was the residence of junior branch of the O Dunne's. It was built in 1600 and demolished in 1900 for road material.
In the 1500's the O Dunne's were a powerful tribe and they ruled over a large area known as Hy-Regan.
Joh Daly was a native of Killnaparson. His family lived near the Giant's Grave.
Today, a stone plaque marks the birthplace of John Daly near the Giant's Grave.

Matoaka passenger ship 1855
Dogue Bridget; 19, house servant, Arnes
Governey Jane; 27, housemaid, Arnes,
Governey Eliza; 19, housemaid, Arnes
Hartford Mary; 18, kitchenmaid, Abbeyleix
Keating Alicia; 26, housemaid, Arnes
Kenna Bridget; 21, housemaid, Arnes
Murphy Mary; 22, laundress, Ballyadams
Bulger John; 20, farm labourer, Arnes
Mc Evoy Michael; 27, mason, Arles,
Quinn Patrick; 19, farm labourer, Arles.
Tomlinson Daniel; 18, stableboy, Arles.

Doxey-Sutliff (Ballyroan-Abbeyleix)
Deboragh Greenham (b. 1745) married Hercules Doxby (b.1732) Ballyroan, in 1768. She was buried 26/11/1831 in Abbeyleix.
James (son) (b. 1773 Ballyroan) d. 20/6/1849 (76)
married, 3/7/1792, Frances Sutliff (b.1777) Abbeyleix.
Dtr of Thomas & Maria, Abbeyleix.

Barnashrone NS 1972 (pupils)(Mountmellick library)
Dunne Denis
Dunne Thomas
Dunne James
Moore James
Fitzpatrick Thomas (Barkmills)
Conroy William
Bennett Thomas
Bennett Michael
Fitzpatrick Thomas (Esker)
Bergin Sean
Dunphy Margaret (Esker)
Dunphy Margaret (Barkmills)
Dunne Kathleen
Delaney Ann
Fitzpatrick Patricia
Fitzpatrick Maureen
Delaney Margaret
Delaney Brid
Dunphy Kathleen
Moore Martin
Dunne Michael
Bergin Michael
Conroy Sarah
Moore Elizabeth
Moore Mary
Delaney Michael
Dunphy Daniel
Bennett Patrick
Dunphy Edward
Delaney Patrick
Coleman Michael
Dunne Fintan
Bennett Bridget
Conroy Bridget
Dowling Bridget
Bennett Kathleen
Delaney Peter
Dunne Fintan
Bergin John
Bennett Peter
Tisdall Mary
Dunne John
Bennett Jim
Wilkinson William
Keegan Maureen
Bergin Kathleen
Bergin Nora
Dunne Patrick.


Reddin Dennis (son of William & Mary O M(e)ara
b. 1793 Queens County
d. 7/11/1863, Prince Edward Island
married; Anne Keoughan, Prince Edward Island

Laois subscribers to Lewis Dictionary (part of)

Abbott J Esq. Maryboro
Adair George Esq. Ballybrittas
Alloway Robert Esq, Ballybrittas
Bell William Esq, Abbeyleix
Bland John Thomas, Abbeyleix
Borrowes Rev. Sir Erasmus Dixon, Emo
Brereton Captain Henry, Mountrath
Calbeck W. Esq, Ballacolla Cottage
Clarke J.D. Esq, Portarlington
Croly H. Esq, Mountmellick
Delany Rev. James Ballinakill
Dexter Robert Esq, Stradbally
Fenamore George Esq, The Cottage, Clonaslee
Hamilton William Esq, Peafield, Borris-in-Ossory
Harding Rev. N Maryborough
Meredith J. Esq, Rearymore, Mountmellick
Moore Lewis Esq, Cremorgan
Pigott John Esq, Capard Rosenallis
Shortt James Esq, Newtown, Mountrath
Tabuteau A.S. Esq, Portarlington
Thompson Mr. W.P. Ralish, Abbeyleix
Walpole Mr. R. Monderhilt, Burros-in-Ossory
White Robert Esq, Scotchrath, Mountrath
Wray H.B. Esq, Maryborough
Young Rev. Robert. Lackland, Rathdowney.

Killalas cemetery;(Mountmellick library)
Killalas is an old graveyard in Brockera about two hundred yards from the Bog road to Mountrath where unbaptised children and strangers who died in the locality were buried. It is on a hill sloping to the East and there is a road from Killalis to Clonenagh. It is said that St Fintan constructed the road in one single night and people often meet it when they are cutting turf, but they never interefere with it. It is called St Fintans road, and it is said that the saint met a poor woman who was crossing the bog and took pity on her and constructed the road.

Rosenallis School 1922;(Mountmellick library)

Muldoon Jim; Cappabeg
Mc Dermott Pat; Derry
Muldoon David; Cappabeg
Kane Murt; Camira
Stack Dave; Johnsgrove
Conroy Mary; Lacken
Corcoran Josie; Nutgrove
Lynam Kate; Meelick
Wisley Paddy; Rynn
Mulhall Mick; Rosenallis
Cox Joe; Meelick
Dagg Mrs. Lena; Principle
Muldoon John; Cappabeg
Stack Jack; Johnsgrove
Poole Mick; Rosenallis
Cox Sarah; Meelick
Flanagan Kate; Rosenallis
Carroll Nellie; Meelick
Conroy Sarah; Lacken
Mooney Mollie; Shraleigh
Flanagan Mollie; Rosenallis
Poole Charlie; Rosenallis
Moyles Irwin; Derry
Mc Dermott Tom; Derry
Dempsey John; Derry
Fitzpatrick Pat; Derry
Fox Luke; Camira
Fox Tom; Camira
Flanagan Theresa; Rosenallis
Creagh Kathleen; Rosenallis
Fox Annie; Camira
Conroy Jane; Corbally
Mc Dermott Annie; Gurteen
Flanagan Annie; Rosenallis
Poole Marie; Rosenallis
Mc Cormack Molly; Meelick
Broomfield Annie; Camira
Broomfield John; Camira.

Derrymalogue School 1930(Mountmellick library)
Tim Kearney, John Maher, Dan Maher, Jack Flanagan, Paddy & Peter Bennett, John Maher, Sean Lynam, Danny Bennett, Dan Maher, Dolly Flanagan, Kathleen Grehan, Gret Maher, Kathleen Maher, Maureen Maher, Jane Kearney, May Dowling, Mary Bennett, Bridie Brazel, Mick Dowling, Alice Gorman, Mary Ann Lynam, Anne Maher, Nano McEvoy, Maggie Conlon, Minnie McEvoy, Bridget M Maher, Lizzie Grehan, Mary McEvoy, Theresa Maher, Rose Kearney, Padraig McEvoy, Paddy Brazel, Michael Gorman, Gerard McEvoy, Patsy Gorman, Patsy Kelly, Paddy McEvoy, John Dowling, Peter Gorman, Tom Lynam, Peter Gorman, Mick Brazel, John Conlon.

Reary School 1931;(Mountmellick library)
Colom Foy, Christy Cassidy, Joe Dunne, James Feeney, Anthony Goulding, Francis Conroy,
Tom Coffy, Paddy Conroy, Mary Ellen Hogan, Mollie Grumley, Gretta Coffey, Parry Costello, Biddy Hogan, Nan Hogan, Mollie Young, Kathleen Culliton, Mollie Feeney, Nan Barnett, Mary Margaret Mc Cormack, Mary Hackett, Willie Hogan, Masie Brien, Nan Brien, Paddy Higan, Jim Dooley, Miley Mc Kane, Mick Holland, Tom Redmond, Miley Mc Kane (Ballygillaheen) Willie Dunne, Louis Culliton, Michael J Dunne, Louis Dunne.

Capard School 1959 (part of)(Mountmellick library)
Joe Mooney, Elizabeth Bennett, Frances Flanagan, Ann Deegan, Ann Mc Loughlin, Bernadette Flanagan, Mary Conroy, Vera Flanagan, Kathleen Mc Loughlin, Matthew Mc Loughlin, Nicholal Mooney, Maureen Conroy, Jerrry Conroy, John Fitzpatrick, John Mooney, Phyl Fitzpatrick (Teacher)

Briscoli School (No year))(Mountmellick library)
Lizzie Madden, Nellie Mc Cann, Teresa Mc Hugh, Josie Fitzpatrick, Maggie Rourke, Nellie Brophy, Christy Madden, Bridie Phelan, Sadie Madden, Kathleen Madden, Pauline Mc Manus, Martin Gilligan, Fint Thompson, Christy Goode, Peter Wheeler, Eileen Madden, Nellie Brophy, M.A. Phelan, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Shelia Dunne, Maggie Mc Cann, Sadie Fitzpatrick, Judy Dunne, Kathleen Mc Carthy, Breda Phelan, Mai Lalor. Hannah Mc Hugh, Nellie Mc Hugh, Nora Phelan, Teresa Fitzpatrick, Sam Wheeler, Peter Fitzpatrick, Fran Hooban, David Goode, Liam Rourke, Jim Hooban, Paddy Goode, Mick Dunne, Fint Lalor, Dan Mc Cann, Joe Phelan, Sean Phelan, Patsy Phelan, Jack Lowry, Jim Wheeler, Tom Wheeler, Ned Lowry.

Loughteague/Rathneskia National School
Roll Call's

Drennan Henry, Powellstown
Drennan Daniel, Powellstown
Coss Peter, Lamberton
Fitzpatrick Edward, Rathneskia
Conran James, Hophall
Fitzpatrick James, Rathneskis
Coss Margaret, Lamberton
Dunne Anne, Grange
Condron Michael, Rathneskia
Robin John, Loughteague
Robin Margaret, Loughteague
Delaney Mary, Loughteague
Drennan John, Powellstown
Lowry Denis, Munny
Fitzpatrick Lewis, Rathneskia
Neill Michael, Loughteague
Ryan Denis, Lamberton
Comerford Daniel, Loughteague
Lowry Daniel, Munny
Condron Kate, Rathneskia
Ryan Mary, Lamberton
Hogan Margaret, Grange
Drennan Patrick, Rathneskia
Drennan Anthony, Rathneskia
Whelan James, Dysart
Drennan Christopher, Powellstown
Connor Thomas, Powellstown
Dunne Denis, Grange
Ryan John, Lamberton
Byrne Martin, Ballygormill
Dunne Mary, Rathneskia
Drennan Mary, Rathneskia
Neil Kate, Loughteague
Dunne Bridget, Ballyknocken
Cormack Mary, Loughteague
Drennan Jane, Rathneskia
Dunne Margaret, Frange
Maher Eliza, Dysart

Ballyroan Senior Football 1917. (Mountmellick Library)
Tom Mc Mahon, Ned Carroll, Tom Brady, Tom Kinsella, Ian Brady, Pat Fitzpatrick, Pat Corcoran, John Corcoran, Edward Corcoran, Dan Carroll, Willie Irwin, Edward Carroll, Tom Whelan, Mick Corcoran, Billy Kelly, Tom Foyle.

Mountmellick National School 1928;(Mountmellick library)
T. Moran, R. Conroy, G. Neill, T Hennessy, W. Flanagan, T Geoghan, B Farrell, J Hourigan, C Byrne, J Molloy, L Hibbitts, P Dunne, T Cullen, J Lynch, J Bannon, N Campbell, P Goode, C Dunne, B Kelly, M Lee, T Parkinson, V Curtis, P Wall, L Culleton, R Lynch, M Dunne, S Kane, R Dowling, E Murphy, M Conroy.

Cullenagh Camogie team 1949;(Mountmellick library)
Esther Kearns, Shelia Farrell, Kitty Keenan, Alice Keenan, Nuala Kelly, Nancy Bowe, Claire Wynne, Norah Culleton, Mary Foyle, Kathleen Harney, Frances Kelly
(from Portlaoise)
Bridget Dunne, Mary Dunne, Peggie Mc Donald,
(from Ballypickas)
Bridget Duff
(from Stradbally)
Kitty Byrne
(from Clonad)
Nan Fitzgibbon
Bridie Dunne
(from Heath)
Aggie Keyes.

Maryborough school (No year)(Mountmellick library)
Jennifer Clegg, Robin Cooper, Nelson Bergin, Sophia Reynolds, Jenna Holmes, Deboragh Scott, Lesly Walker, Ross Cooper, Robert Rowan, Leon Lewis, Samuel Francey, John Scott, Shane Reynolds, Aimee Kerr, Kevin Byrne, Andrew Little, Lyndon Cox, David Scott, Rebecca Francey, Rebbeca Shaw, Karen Walker, Henry Ho, Jordan Salter, Ayla Kirwan, Darren Mc Donagh, Alan Meredith, Colin Ryan, Dale Cooper, Richard Nicholls, Chloe Brennan, Zoe Mc Kay, Karen Dobson, India Salter, Jade Kirwan, Aran Murphy, Jayne Breslin, Savannah Salter, Emily Francey, Johanna Mc Donagh, Comfort Odelosa, Thomas Hayes, Jason Holohan, Dihan Kingsley (Teacher)

Aughnahilla School 1931-32(Mountmellick library)
May Salmon, Lucy Maher, nora Bergin, Paddy Bergin, May Dunne, Katie Bergin, Bess Bergin, Annie Brennan, Babs (Mary) Fitzpatrick, Paddy Maher, Jackie Salmon, Bernie Lynch, Josie Cushen, Eileen Dowling, Mary Ann Dunne, Kathleen Lynch, Peggy Fitzpatrick, Bernie Bergin, Tom Maher, Jim Flynn, Tom Ahern, Bill Fitzpatrick, Paddy Bergin, Charlie Maher, Joe Salmon, Tom Murphy, Paul Fitzpatrick, Paddy Alcock, Jim Maley, Mickie Cushen.

Straboe School 1951.(Mountmellick library)
Billy Lynch, Peter Dunne, Pat Ging, John Dunne, James Ging, Joe Whelan, Paddy Phelan, Rita Hunston, Eamon Dunne, Pat Dunne, Jimmy Tuohy, Jimmy Lynch, Joe Lynch, Kitty Lynch, Alan Clear, Bridie Phelan, Shelia Sherlock, Noel Dunne, Rita Dunne, Anne Clear, Tony Clear, Anne Hunston, Phil Sherlock, Meena Clear, Phil Phelan.

Ballypickas 1955 GAA;(Mountrath library)
Tommy Wallace, Jimmy Early, Peter Wallace, Hughie Cole, Ned O Dea, Ben Costigan, Aiden Kennedy, Michael, Carroll, Jim Brennan, Mick Carter, Aiden Barry, John Carter, Tommy Dooley, Jim Fitzgerald, Ned Duff, Billy Carter, Jack Mc Evoy, John Fitzgerald, Jack Costigan, Ned Maher, Paddy Purcell, Jim Brennan.

Ballinakill school 1948-49(Mountrath library)
Sean Hayden, Tom Reilly, Bernie Marum, Ned Delaney, Willy Mc Donald, Eamon Reilly, Aiden Kennedy, Jim King, Gerry Mansfield, Joe Mc Donald, Joe Delaney, Tom Drury, Michael Maher, Sean Carney, George Gowing, Denis O Shaughnessy, Joe Ivory, Tommy Carney.

Spink 1944 GAA(Mountrath Library)
Tim Cranny, Paddy Brennan, Jim Brophy, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Brennan, Dick Foyle, Jim Delaney, Jack Mc Evoy, Paddy Lalor, Paddy Walsh, Patrick Mc Evoy, John Brennan, Willie Kehoe, Paddy Cullinane, John Keyes, Jim Brennan, Joe Dunne, Michael Keyes.

Camross 1945(Mountrath library)
Paul Maher, Tom Maher, Ena Brophy, Kathleen Lalor, Ann Scully, Brid Collier, Lil Delaney, Teasie Moore, Paddy Foley, Billy Guilfoyle, Paddy Maher, Nora Dooley, Dan Moore, Eilish Brophy, Miceal Brophy, John Conroy, Kathleen Gleeson, Nora Scully, Ann Conroy, Phil Delaney, Mat Gleeson.

Killanure GAA 1939(Mountrath library)
Tom Flaherty, Paddy O Rourke, Pad Fogarty, Mattie Delaney, Davy Roy, Tom Keenan, Fint Phelan, Tony Mortimer, Billy Hogan, Billy Carroll, Joe Phelan, Tim Keenan, Patrick Delaney.

Camross ICA members; (Mountrath library)
Mai Casey, Sue Cooper, Teresa Lalor Butler, Mary Carroll, Sarah Thompson, Sadie Delaney, Sarah Cooper, Margaret Carroll, Mary Kilmartin (Derris)

Camross(Mounrath library)
John Lalor, Robert Sawyer, Peter Lalor, John Hensey, Cyril Bennett, George Drennan, Maggie Costigan-Cole, Billy Leahy, Mary Hensey-Higgins, Paddy Moore.

Camross family names;(Mountrath library)
Fint Phelan, Peter Nolan, Dan Mortimer, Lar Phelan, Joe Breen, Jim Phelan.
Jacksons, Willie Breen, Breens of Blackhill, Behans, Byrnes.
Behans, Byrnes
Dalton, Thompsons, Jim Cuddy, Keenans
Rody Moore
Peter Moors, Jacksons
Grehans, Ryans, Burkes, Abbotts, Fitzpatricks, Hickeys
Mahers, Hogans
Joe Phelan, Denis Ryan
North Grove;
Jackie Phelans, Mortimers
Mountain Farm;
Matt Delaney

Barnashrone National School 1927; (Mountmellick Library)Dunne Denis, Dunne Thomas, Moore James, Conroy William, Bennett Thomas, Bennett Thomas (Barkmills) Bennett Charles, Fitzpatrick Thomas (Esker) Dunne Kathleen, Delaney Ann, Fitzpatrick Patricia, Fitzpatrick Maureen, Delaney Margaret, Delaney Brid, Dunphy Kathleen, Moore Margaret, Bennett Michael, Bergin Michael, Conroy Sarah, Moore Elizabeth, Delaney Michael, Dunphy Daniel, Bennett Patrick, Dunphy Edward, Delaney Patrick, Coleman Michael, Dunne Fintan, Bennett Bridget, Conroy Bridget, Dowling Bridget, Bennett Kathleen.

Brophy's thru Ellis Island;(all Laois)
Annie; Mountrath, 1906, 14
Catherine; Portarlington, 1907, 21
Denis; Rathdowney, 1923, 22
Edward; Rathdowney, 1900, 25
Ellen; Mountrath; 1895, 23
James; Mountrath, 1913, 30
James; Mountrath, 1902, 18
Jeremiah; Mountrath; 1906, 19
John; Mountrath, 1905, 27
John; Mountrath, 1901, 26
Joseph; Mountrath, 1898, 32
Julia; Mountrath, 1898, 28
Kate; Abbeyleix, 1899, 26
Kate; Rathdowney, 1903, 28
Lily; Ballybrophy, 1908, 18
Mary; Durrow, 1920, 33
Mary; Mountrath, 1901, 55
Mary; Rathdowney, 1903, 22
Mary; Rathdowney, 1896, 29
Michael; Rathdowney, 1901, 23
Michael; Rathdowney, 1914, 28
Patrick; Rathdowney, 1911, 23
Patrick; Rathdowney, 1903, 26
Peter; Mountrath, 1902, 25
Sarah Jane; Mountrath, 1909, 16
William; Queens County, 1910, 30

Lewis Thru Ellis Island;
John; Maryboro, 1903, 41
Phobe; Maryboro, 23

Pattison Thru Ellis Island
Joseph Wiliam; 1911,24
Joseph William; 1913, 28

Doolan Thru Ellis Island
Mary; Claonslee, 1899, 20

Hayes Thru Ellis Island;
Kate;Mountrath, 1899, 18
Mary; Maryboro, 1898, 20

Hogan Thru Ellis Island;
Denis; Queens County, 1897, 22
Edward; Cl;onaslee, 1908, 23
Edward; Clonaslee, 1913, 30
Hannah; Mountrath, 1900, 25
James; Queens County, 1893, 20
Joseph; Mountrath, 1920, 28
Kate; Rathdowney, 1900, 27
Mary; Mountrath, 1900, 29
Mary; Mountrath, 1912, 28
Patrick; Rathdowney, 1921, 23
William; Portarlington, 1896, 14

Failte Romhat; 1872-1915; Ireland Royal Garrison Artillery
Brady John; Portarlington
Byrne Edward; Portarlington
Callaghan Thomas; Coolrain
Clarke Mathew; Portarlington
Colgan Joseph; Maryboro
Costello James; Mountmellick
Dowling Michael; Mountmellick
Doyle Garrett; Stradbally
Dunne James; Portarlington
Dunne John; Mountrath
Gallagher William; Mountrath
Hetherington Alexander; Jamestown
Keefe Thomas; Maryboro
Kenny Christpher; Mountrath
Kerns William; Mountmellick
Kilcare Thomas; Rathdowney
Mc Carthy Daniel; Doonane
Mc Carthy James; Abbeyleix
Monaghan James; Mountrath
Morrissey Thomas; Fossy
Pilkington William; Mountrath
Power John; Portarlington
Sturgess Henry W A; Maryboro
Tallon John; Stradbally
Daly John; Maryboro


Digan Mrs Anne; 13/7/1888 Mountrath
(relict of John)

Gratton Lady; 12/7/1888
(wife of Right Hon. James Gratton M.P.)
and sister of Late Earl of Dysart.

Blong Edward; 27/11/1868
(ftr; Henry-mtr-Eliza)
Blong William; 1765 Portarlington
(as above)
Blong Henry; 25/4/1875
(as above)
Blong Mary Ann; 10/6/1870
(as above)
(from Trove Australia records)

October, at her residence, Mary st, Brisbane, Elizabeth Blanc, dtr of
the late Sweeney O Donnell, Dunmore, Clare and widow of the late
Christopher Blanc, Portarlington, Queens County.
Marriage; 1877

Robert, second son of William Kelly, Queens County, to Julia, youngest daughter of Thoroughgood North, Coolmont, Kings County.
Death; 1922

Miss Ellen Purcell, who celebrated her 96th birthday on Saturday, at her residence in Bourke st. She was a native of Queens County, Ireland, and came to the State 69 yeard ago, residing in Mailland ever since.
She was never seriously ill until three weeks ago, and despite her great age, she was able to read without the aid of glasses up to 12 months ago.
She has never been on a train and only once on a Tram.
1881 Treason

It is reported that warrents for Treason and Felony have been issued for the arrest of Arthur O Connor, a member from Queens County, Ireland.
1881; Treason;

The report of the arrest of Mr Arthur O Connor, the member for Queens County, were premature, as he has escaped to England
1841; Floods.

Owing to recent storms and heavy rains in Ireland, the Barrow River in the North West of the Queens County, overflowed it's banks and submerged thousands of acres in the county.
Many of the small farmers who have been flooded out of their homes are begging on the side of the road.
1842; Postage.

Queens County names on a list of detained letters in the General Post Office as a consequence of the postage required not having been paid;
Farrell Thomas; Mountmellick
Hartford (widow); Abbeyleix.
1926; Relatives.

Writing from Castlemain st Athlone, Mrs Elizabeth Dooley (nee Lalor) inquires for the whereabouts of some cousins named Kenny.
She says that Mrs Kenny came from Clonad, Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland, her maiden name being Margaret Delaney.
When she last heard from them about 25years ago, they were in
Rockhamilton or Brisbane.
1859; Marriage;

Jacob Arthur Edward; M.B.L.R.C.S.I. and late 32nd Reg. eldest surviving son of John Jacob, M.D. Maryborough Ireland to
Eleanor, 4th daughter of Dr. Edward Fish, Lancashire.
1864; Marriage;
Carr Charles Wartburton esq, P.M only son of the late Rev. Thomas Carr, Rector of Aghaboe, Queens County Ireland to Geraldine Mary Curr, youngest daughter of late Edward Curr esq, St Hilliers.
1863; Marriage;
Mc Gee James Henry to Mary, eldest daughter of Denis Hayden,
Arles, Queens County Ireland.
1868; Marriage;
Frances, son of Joseph & Margaret Beale, Mountmellick, Queens County Ireland to Jean Bertha, daughter of William Henry & Elizabeth
Emma Watson, London
Death; 1865;
Flynn Mary, 95, Maryborough Queens County Ireland, died at sons residence Bullanaming st Waterloo
1879; Death;
Hannah, relict of Robert Wright, Queens County Ireland, and daughter
of late William Power Waterford.
1861 England census;
Phelan Michael; 20, Abbeyleix, soldier, Surrey England.
Phelan Ann; 23, servant, Yorkshire

Mc Donald John; 87, farmer, widower, Cooltoran,Portlaoise 17/12/1902
Mc Donald John; 52, RIC oap, married, main st Mountrath, 14/3/1916
Mc Donald John; infant, Abbeyleix, 19/12/1906
Sydney Morning Herald;
Mr Jim Luttrell, ass secretary of the shop ass union, died suddenly yesterday morning, aged 70. He collapsed at his home and died in St Vincents hospital.
Born in Ireland and came to Australia as a child, as a young man he was a keen footballer and footrunner.
Married at Montpelier by the Rev. Gilchrist, Mr. R. Blackwell, to
Mary Anne, 4th dtr of C.M.Edgill esq Queens County Ireland.
Father Feehan, a Catholic priest of Rathdowney, Queens County Ireland, has been setenced to 6 months imprisonment for exciting discontent amongest the people.
By special licence at St Marys, Ipswich, Rev. L.H. Rumsey, Frederick William, 3rd son of W. Perry esq, Paddington Sydney, to Jane Anne, youngest dtr of Andrew Carter, esq, Danesfort, Queens County Ireland.
Married; David, eldest son of John Hunter,Little Ballymena Antrim, to Sarah Jane, 2nd dtr of Zoro B Henderson esq, Portarlington Queens County Ireland.
Married; Charles John Mothitkin, chemist, to Rannio, 4th dtr of late George Wilkinson esq, Mountmellick, Queens County Ireland.
Ballinakill, St Brigids cemetery burials. (Phelans)

Phelan Martin; 86, farmer, married, Boleylawn, 2/1/1932
Phelan Mary; 43, shopkeeper, 9/10/1933
Phelan Mary; 77, married, 19/6/1937
Phelan Mary; 62, married, 16/12/1937
Phelan Mrs. Martin; 69, married, Boleylawn, 7/12/1943
Phelan John Bosco; infant; 8/5/1945
Phelan Sean; 76, labourer, single, 9/5/1945
Phelan Bridget; infant, Streamstown, 4/3/1946
Phelan John; 88, shopkeeper, single, 2/6/1950
Phelan Miss; 80, widow, Ironmills, 4/10/1950
Phelan Bridget; 65, married, Chapel st, 8/10/1953
Phelan Patrick; 83, labourer, widower, Kilronan. 9/2/1955
Phelan Mrs E; 87, shopkeeper, widow, The Square, 20/10/1955
WW1 Casualties;1914-18.
Scully Michael; Killeshin, pte. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, killed in action, 30/4/1915
Scully John; Maryborough, pte. 2nd Leinster Reg. killed in France 12/8/1915.
Boston passengers list;
Scully Patrick; 58, Portarlington, arrived 1914, plasterer.
Scully Thomas; 18, Abbeyleix, arrived 1895, labourer.
Memories of the Roger Casement treason case were revived by the news of the release from an English prison of John Dowling, of Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland.
Dowling who was a lance-coporal in the Connaught Rangers was taken prisoner by the Germans in Aug 1914.
The Case of Lynchehaun.
The court of Indianopolis, state of Indiana, has refused to grant a warrant for the extradition of James Lynchehuan, the notorious Irish criminal and gaolbreaker. He broke out of gaol in Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland in 1902, and has remained at large till August when he was arrested in America.
Sydney Morning Herald 1864;
24th February, in St Marys Catherral, Sydney, by Rev., John Curley,Mr Andrew Joseph Holland (London) to Mary Gregg, eldest dtr of Thomas Gregg, Esq, Queens County Ireland.
Marriage 1892;
Meadows-Shortt; on 27th September, at All Souls church, St Peters, by Rev. J C Haynes, Harry A.S.Meadows, to Marion, youngest dtr of the late John Frederick Shortt Queens County Ireland.
1921; Shot dead;
A number of armed and masked men dragged John Poynten from his bed and shot him dead in Portarlington Queens County Ireland.
The 'Leinster Express' intimates that Sir Charles Coote is about to resign the representation of the Queens County. It considers that Colonel Dunn, late M P for Portarlington, to be the likeliest to succeed the venerable baronet.
Griffiths Valuation; 1847-1864
(name-leaser-value of land)
Shaw John-Humphrey Smith-1-5-0 Ballycullenbeg
Tallent Michael-Edward Tracy-0-10-0 Ballycullenbeg
Bacon Daniel-William Corocran-1-10-0 Ballycullenbeg
Purcell William-John White-1-5-0 Ballycullenbeg
Corcoran Matthew-Richard Warburton-0-15-0 Ballycullenbeg
Kearney Timothy-John Kane-0-8-0 Ballycullenbeg
Deegan George-Humphrey Smith-1-10-0 Mountmellick town
Dempsey Patrick-Robert Metcalf-4-0-0 Mountmellick town
Blanche Anne-Edward Tracy-0-10-0 Tracey's lane.


Phelan Daniel-Rt. Hon. John Fitzpatrick-124-0-0 Camphill
Cuddy Martin-Samuel J Morton-24-0-0 Camross
Whitford Mary-Samuel J Morton-44-0-0 Camross
Gleeson Mary-Sir. Charles H Coote-1-10-0 Cappanarrow
Cordial Timothy-James Lalor-2-5-0 Cappanarrow


Mc Mahon Patrick-Rev. Wm. N Guinness-23-0-0 Ballyroan
Delany John-Edward Lalor-0-15-0-Ballyroan
Stoker William-Rev. William Rowe-9-10-0 Ballyroan
Lalor William-Andrew Ryan snr.-4-5-0 Ballyroan
Bell William-William Fitzgerald-13-10-0 Ballyroan
Beale Hugh-William Stoker MD-3-15-0 Ballyroan
Sheerin James-Daniel Dunne-0-7-0 Ballyroan


Moffat Alice-Rev. John Moore-152-5-0
Meredith James-Sir. Charles H Coote-9-0-0 Redcastle
Kinsella John-Sir. Charles H Coote-66-0-0 Redcastle
Fenton James-William Thompson-0-15-0 Ringstown
Wheeler Robert-Sir Charles H Coote-12-10-0 Ringstown
Baker Robert-Sir Charles H Coote-5-15-0 Ringsto


Brennan Patrick-Earl of Stanhope-1-8-0
Brennan William-Mary Downey-4-5-0
Brennan Thomas-Mary Downey-7-0-0
Thompson Isabella-Earl of Stanhope-12-0-0
Walsh William-Mary Downey-8-5-0 Market Square
Goss John-James Delany-0-6-0 Church st


Doolin Hugh-Charles Coote-0-15-0
Guilfoyle Martin- Charles Coote-3-0-0
Mc Evoy Matthew-Charles Coote-24-15-0
Seale Theophilus-Earl of Mornington-10-10-0 Clonehurk
Moore James-Earl of Mornigton-2-0-0 Clonehurk
Parkinson Mary-William Quigley-1-5-0 Clonkeen
Murtagh Thomas-Thomas Seale-1-10-0 Clonkeen


Pattison Eliza Mrs-Thomas Strangman-30-10-0 Shanbeg
Conroy Edward-Eliza Pattison Mrs-0-10-0 Shanbeg
Dunne John jnr.-John Strangman-9-0-0 Shanbeg
Haslam James-In Fee-4-15-0 Corbally
Gorman Margaret-William Flynn-0-15-0 Corbally
Carroll James-Edward Walsh-0-5-5 Corbally
Persons transplanted in Queens County;
Wailsh William-Graigedrisly
Fitzpatrick Barnaby- Gurteene
Langton Joseph-Grenane
Fitzpatricke Florence-Archerstown
Fitzpatrick John-Ballikelly
Barnaby Lord- Barony of Upper Ossory
Roth Thomas-Ballydonel
Dwiggin Loughlin-Killcolger
Fitzaptricke Teige-Buolinadane
Fitzpatricke Edmond-Rathenricke
Fitzpatricke Daniell-Tintore
Skelton Stephen-Sleagh
Costigane Florence-Ballmoy
Dwigin John- Shoirke
Fitzpatricke Teige-Akipp
Fitzpatricke Terlagh-Rossmore
Fitzpatricke Edmond-Bellmullin
Fitzpatrick John-Ballytarnesney
Hoveden Pierce-Killeene
Duigan John- Cloncourse
Connor Charles-Srahbaneboy
Kinnyne John-Deriscrara
Cashin Morgan-Coolevally
Fitzgerald Piers-Ballyrone
Purcell Patrick-Killebane
Maisterson Edmond- Tankardstown
Doyne Terence-Killevane
Cashin John-Coolekennie
Daniell James-Tinekilly
Masterson Edward-Ballynane
Hovenden John-Ballycmoyle
Hovenden Thomas-Tyrennan
Dublin Metropolitian Police 1836-1925;(Jim Herlihy)

Atkinson Thomas; b. 1812 Clonenagh; Ex. Constabulary.
Austin Denis; b. 1857 Castletown.
Bambrick Edward; b.1812 Killivan
Bannan John; b. 1840 Aghaboe
Bannan John; b. 1840 Aghaboe
Bannan William; b. 1859 Castletown
Bannan Thomas; b.1859 Aghaboe
Barton Robert; b. 1838 Upperwood
Beehan John; b. 1905 Mountrath
Beham John; b. 1856 Portarlington
Behan Patrick; b.1854 Arles
Bengni Edward; b. 1860 Clough
Bennett John; b.1858 Borris-in-Ossory
Bennett William; b.1886 Castletown
Bergin John; b. 1840 Raheen
Bergin Kryan; b. 1840 Aghaboe
Berry John; b.1838 Rearymore
Berry Joseph; b.1826 Maryborough
Bolger John; b. 1848 Arles.
Bolger Patrick; b. 1844 Arles
Bond George; b. 1814 Moyanna
Boulger James; b. 1816 Ardglass
Bourke John; b. 1874 Clonenagh
Bowe Michael; b.1838 Castledurrow
Bowe Patrick; b. 1819 Rathdowney
Bowes Fenton; b. 1820 Clonenagh
Bowes Patrick; b. 1819 Aghaboe
Boyle John; b. 1868 Borris-in-Ossory
Boyston Peter; b. 1815 Maryborough
Breen John; b. 18111 Aghaboe
Breen John; b. 1813 Clough
Breen Patrick; b. 1808 Rathdowney
Breen Patrick; b. 1808 Rathdowney
Breen Tinton; b. Cappinrush
Brennan Daniel; b. 1880 Arles
Brennan Edward; b. 1808 Upperwood
Brennan James; b. 1883 Killeshin
Brennan John; b. 1847 Arles
Brennan John; b. 1863 Durrow
Brennan John; b. 1900 Ballyadams
Brider James; b. 1852 Arles
Brien John; b. 1826 Agahboe
Brophy Andrew; b. 1821 Aghaboe
Brophy John; b. 1838 Castletown
Brophy Martin; b. 1826 Aghaboe
Brophy Martin; b. 1825 Killismiestagh
Brophy michael; b. 1818 Abbeyleix
Brophy Michael; b. 1890 Marymount
Brophy Patrick; b. 1841 Stradbally
Brophy William; b. 1815 Ossory
Brophy William; b. 1835 Aghaboe
Browner John; b.1827 Mountrath
Browner Michael; b. 1877 Clonenagh
Bruder John; b. 1842 Arles
Bryan John; b. 1818 Mountrath
Queens County Assize;

Patt Walsh to be burned in the hand for stealing 5s-6p worth of goods at Maryborough;
Mary Byrne; same punishment, for stealing 5s-10p worth at Ballinakill.
Timothy Byrne; to be hanged for stealing 10s worth at Mountrath.
James Dalton to be whipped through Billinakill for stealing 3s-3p worth.
Patt Murphy to be hanged for taking from the person of William Finelay, one pair of breeches value, 2s, and one pair of shoes, with buckles, value 5s.
Tim Dunne sentenced to death for burglary.
Michael Kavanagh sentenced to death for stealing a watch from Rev. Charles Eustace at Crannagh.
John Lewes to be burned in the hand for stealing 5s worth of Hay.
Ann Moran to be burned in the hand for stealing 2-17-0 and imprisoned for 6 months.
The house of Langley Clayton Esq was attacked and one John Baker was arrested.
He was charged with the offence at the ensuing Maryborough Assizes, held on March 13th, convicted and hanged.
House of farmer Patrick Brennan was attacked by two brothers, John & William Power, who assumed the alias Fingleton, but were met with resolute resistance and beaten off.
Mountmellick Workhouse;
Mountmellick was selected on the 7/12/1839; The Poor Law Union with an area of 2220,968 acres was to include portions of the Kings county and Queens county.
Its electorial divisions in the Kings county were; Portarlington-Cloneyurke-East & West Bellykean, and in Queens county; Mountmellick- Maryborough-Coolbanagher- Ballybrittas- Castlebrack- Rosenallis- Rearymore- Clonaslee-Ballyfin-Mountrath-East & West Upperwoods;
The workhouse was to accommodate 800 inmates.
It was contracted for work in Aug 1849 to cost 6915 for buildings and 1381 for fittings.
Opened in 1844.
The site and grounds covered six acres, and were ontained for an annual rent of 37-1-0.
The number of guardians was fixed for 30 elected and 10 ex-officio.
The names given for the first Board were;
General Dunne; Chairman of the Board
Captain Tibeado; Deputy Chairman
Lord Portarlington;
John Pigot
Colonel Moore
Chidley Coote
George Newcombe
George Adair
Captain Sandes
William Hamilton.
Elected Guardians;
Edward Conroy D.V.C-Joseph Beale- Timothy Dunne-Michael Reynolds.
Maunsel L Darmer- Bernard Fitzpatrick- George Youell.
Dawson French
George Clarke.
John Jacob MD-William Clarke- Patrick Dillon-William Lawlor.
Patrick Lalor-Daniel Egan-Richard Hawkesworth.
Edward Cahill-John Tracey-Robert Walepole-Thomas Sawyer.
John Dunne-Patrick Lynch
Anthony Conroy
Denis Deery-James Gorman
Major R Dunne
West Ballykean;
Daniel Dunne
East Ballykean;
Patrick Carhty
Andrew Delany
Henry Warburton.
Brereton Family History;

Grant of an old castle in Loghtyoge and the lands of Loghtyoge, Rahniske, Monie, Ballenegarbanaghe and Shanemollen on the west of Raynduff.
Dated; 28/2/1562-3.
Edwards son, Henry, married Margary, daughter of Robert Bowen, and his daughter, Jane, married Alexander Barrington, of Tymogue.
Henry Brereton's eldest son, Edward, succedded his father in 1627 and was high sheriff of the Queens county in 1677.
By his marriage to his cousin Helena Bowen of Ballyadams, he had four sons and two daughters.
The eldest son, John, was attained in 1688 for siding with James 11 and his estate's were sold in 1702.
His brother, Arthur of Raheeduff, by his marriage to Miss Lawless, he had a son, named John, and three daughters.
John was high sheriff of Queens county in 1780 and died in 1816 (94).
His eldest son, Arthur, born 1766, was Captain in the 71st Regiment and died in 1836.
Arthur's heir, John, born 1794, died unmarried in October 1818 (23)
Second son, Ralph Westropp Bererton of Ballyadams, was born 1798 and died 1858.He was a midship in the Royal Navy but left the service on the death of his elder brother John in 1818.
On Ralph's death, 1858, the Queens county Estates of the Breretons were sold and the family connection with the county came to a close.
Guide to Irish Quakers Records 1654-1860
(Dublin Library)

A marriage settlement made in 1812 between Francis Woodcock, Tomalosset Wexford and Mary Neale and her father Richard Neale (Miller) of Mountmellick Queens County.

Indentures of the meeting house of Mountmellick dated 1716, of recent land demised by Arthur Lord, Viscount of Ely, in 1697 between Tobias Pladwell, Mountmellick, and John Barecroft, Kildare, farmer, Henry Ridgeway, Joshua Strangman, both of Mountmellick, and Gershon Boat of Mountrath, John Ridgeway, Ballycarroll, James Pim, Rushin, Joshua Pim, Mountrath.

Renewal of lease by Moses Pim, Lackey, to James Anthony Pim and Robert Goodbody, all of Mountmellick.
Indenture made between Robert Clibborn, Joseph Barcroft, both of Dublin, and Experience Cooper of Coopers Hill, Queens County, for renewal for unspecified lease.
Memorial of Registration of Deed to Arhtur Broom and Charles Pim of lands near Mountrath, including Derrylusky, Rushin, Clonbarrow and Swinneys farm.
Indentures of Conveyance of land bt Charles Pim Jr., to Francis Pim of lands in Clonbarrow, and of lands to Mary White of a house in Mountrath and to William Bowes ditto.
Lease of land by Charles Pim to Charlotte White of lands in Mountrath.
Lease of lands and property at Redcastle, Arthur Broom of Redcastle to Charles Pim Mountrath.
Indentures of Conveyance by representatives of Charles Pim to Charles Pim Jr., at Clonbarrow to Mary Pim at Rushin and Edward Peet at Derrylusky, all in Queens County.
Lease of house in Rathdowney from Joseph Palmer of Cuffsborough and Humphrey Palmer of Rathdowney.
Will Abstracts;
Frances Woodcock, Noreville Queens County
Ten pounds to his old servant Judith Burgess, and remainder in toto to wife Mary Woodcock, including annunity from second Clonmel annuity company.
Dated; 12/1/1844
Witnesses; Robert Perry-Rob Rhodes
Proved in Preogative Court 6/1/1848
Mary Sutton; Mountmellick
To Rachel Maria Jackson of Dublin, all books, to Deborah Richardson, white counterpane.
Brother Francis Sutton of Haverford, one shilling.
To Robert Goodbody, an Oak nest of drawers and to William Goodbody, a desk received from his uncle.
Nathaniel Jackson and his wife, Mary, Robert Jackson and his wife Mary, Robert Thacker, executor, 2-5-6 to but Seal and 50 in trust to pay
interest thereof.
To Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Jackson at twenty one years, or on marriage, also 50 in trust.
Also 50 in trust for Joshua Ridgeway with reversion to above Anna Maria and Francis, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Jackson.
Remainder to Hannah Jackson and Mary Tacker.
Dated; 1/1/1813
Witnesses; George R Penrose and R Thacker.
Mary Pim; Mountrath;
To daughters, Alice Simmons, Mary Roberts, Jane Shannon and Catherine Calcutt;
2-5-6, 80, 80, and 40 respectively
To son Charles Pim; 40
To sons Thomas Pim and Jonathan Pim;
160 in equal shares, to remain in executors hands until such time as said sons shall change conduct for better.
If they do so the capital is to remain with execotors and be dealt out in weekly portions as a subsistance for them.
To grandson Joshua Peet; 20
Executors; son Charles Pim
son-in-law William Shannon
Dated; 16/3/1749
Witnesses; William Molloy, John Wyly and Jno Jackman.
Mary Pim; Rushin Queens County.
Widow of Tobias Pim, late Rushin.
To stepsons James & John Pim; and to own eldest and third sons. Charles & Jonathan Pim, five shillings each.
To second son Thomas & niece Mary Powell, equal division of all ready money.
To grandson Tobias under 21 years old, son of Thomas Pim, right and title to lands, etc., Nurney Kildare and Rushin acquired by late husbands Will, with reversion to Thomas Pim in case of death of Tobias.
Remainder to said Thomas & Mary Powell.
Executors; sonss Charles Pim, Jonathan & Thomas Pim
Dated; 15/3/1747
Prover Preogative; 9/8/1949
Charles Pim; Mountrath.

To son Charles; House, furniture, chandling and soap boiling utensils with tenemant adjoining all at Mountrath.
Also; Title etc., to lands at Clonbarrow now in possession of Testator and of Laurence Kavanagh.
To son John Pim (under 21) house apputrenances progits etc., of house where John Melboure now lives, (no location given) with reversion in case of death before majority, to said son Charles Pim.
Parts of lands of Rushin and profits thereof, to which Testator is entitled to be put in Trust to son Charles for use of "my brother Johathan Pim and my sister Mary Roberts during their respective lives".
Money bequests to son Charles, John and Francis 200 each wirh reversion to surviver or survivers.
Executor; son Charles Pim, James Pim Mountmellick.
Dated; 6/10/1815
Witnessess; I Calcutt, Tom Knaggs, Richard Morris.
William Edmusson

To my wife Mary; all household goods, wool, lining, brass, pewter plate, money in and about the house together with two cows, one horse, or mare, and 100 sterling in money forever.
Likewise, my wife Mary. shall have peaceable dwelling in the house I now live in, with gardens, orchards etc,., grazing for horses,or friends visiting her.
Also, turf for firing on the farm and liberty for life from molestation or rent.
after her decease, all abode priviliges and appurtenances to son Tryal Edmunson;
said son interest in farm of Tineel, excepting aforementioned reserves.
Likewise, the graveyard which I give to my friends, the people in scorn called Quakers.
To said son Tyral, interest in grazing on Derry Lennoys, and his children, forty pounds sterling to be improved by their grandfather and divided to them or survivers with profits.
To children of unhappy son, William, forty pounds sterling, executors to pay it to their father to improve it and give greater part to good and gentle, and lesser to wicked and forward.
To children of unruly son Samuel, forty pounds sterling to be paid to father when Will proved.
To children of foolish and disobedient daughter, Hindrance Seale, Jane, Thomas, Martha, Elizabeth, James Gregory, 10 sterling each, to be improved by executors with advice from Trustees.
To grandson, William Seale, apprentice with Michael Lighfoot, 15 sterling, due on bond from William Grey and William Bushell of Mountmellick, executors to improve till apprenticeship ends.
To rebellious daughter, Anne Moore; wife of Laurence Moore, deceased, her three daughters, Ann, Anna,. Rebecca 10 sterling.
To my seven children William, Samuel, Tryall Edmunson, Mary Fayle, Susanna Sheldon, Hindrance Seale, Anna Moore, 5 sterling each.
Son-in-law Eleazor Sheldon, to account for substance already given in trust for children.
All above donees to discharge with quiteness receipt of legacies.
To children of stepson-in law Thos Strangman, Thos and Susanna Strangman, two guineas to be improved by their grandfather, Thomas Ashton.
Executors; James Hutchinson of Knockballymagher-Thomas Winslow of Birr, Richard Eaves of Ballymoyle, Joshua Strangman of Mountmellick.
Dated; 19/10/1710
Witnessess; Richard Grey-Richard Eaves, Thomas Wilkinson-Richard Clarke.

Cashin Rachel; b. 1831 Rosenallis
d. 1904-Pittsburgh Allegheny Pennsylvia
Spouse; Denis Mc Dermott; b.1882-d.15/2/1892
Married; 18/6/1853 St Bridigs Rosenallis.
Cashin William; b.1805 Rosenallis
Spouse; Honor Duffy; b.1809 Rosenallis
Wexford Gaol 1894;

Delaney Thomas; 61, Stradbally QC
Begging; 14 days
Kavanagh John; 35, Maryboro QC
Drunkness; 7 days.
Nolan Anne; 25/2/1898 Ballacolla
d. 25/9/1973 Tentore Ballacolla
Spouse; Dunne John; 1894
Married; 22/10/1896
Father; Nolan James; 1864/65 Cullahill
d. 15/4/1946 Ballygarvin Ballacolla
Mother- Phelan Maria; 1888-89 Clondouglas Aleix
d. 22/3/1955 Ballygarvin Ballacolla
Father-Phelan James; 1822/23 Mountmellick
d. 16/2/1892 Clondouglas A/leix
Mother- Horan Catherine; 1828/29 Mountmellick
d. 5/5/1911 Clondouglas.
Nolan Bridget; 25/6/1900 Ballygarvin Ballycolla
d. 3/12/1983 Mandeville Jamica
Father-Nolan James
Mother-Phelan Maria
Nolan Edward; 1858 Cullahill
Father-Nolan Michael; 1832 Cullahill
d. 1877
Mother- Delahanty Ann; 1836
d. 1896-1911 Ballygarvin Ballacolla
De Vesci Papers; National Archives; (abstracts from)
Copy of the Will and original of the Probate of Edward Johnson, Ballymullen Abbeyleix, and letters of administration to the effects of Pitt Johnson, Clonkeen (1821), both of them creditors of the 2nd Viscount De Vesci.

Will of John Bruton, Boley Abbeyleix.
Extracts from letters of Lawerance Tobin, Rosebrook, Abbeyleix.
Presentation by the crown of the Rev. John Shaw to the rectory of Abbeyleix, diocese of Leighlin, and the rectory and vicarage of Rosconnell and Durrow, diocese of Ossory.

Title deeds to Knockmay and part of Togher, barony of Maryborough, County Laois, purchased by Denny Mushchamp in 1681.
Together with the related deeds to the lands of Gortinemallagh, Moher, barony of Upper Ossory, Quens County, likewise, purchased from Henry & William Gilbert of Knockmay.

1622-4; 1631; 1660-88;
Title deeds to premises in the Commons of Maryborough, acquired piecemeal by the brothers-in-law, John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam, and Denny Muschamp in the period 1660-88; including 3 earlier title deeds, one of them also comprising Togher.

Probate of the Will (1674) of Sir Edward Massey of Abbeyleix, with " a true and perfect inventory of all the goods, chattels, debts and credits".. of the deceased and a document containing an explanation and interpretation of the Will.[the probate inventory goes into the detail of the value of particular pieces of furniture]

Probate of the Will (1816) of Bernard Browne of Cottage, County Laois,(present because Browne was a tenant of of De Vesci family in respect of lands and premises in Boley, Abbeyleix and Cottage.)

Fine of the County Laois estate of the Bell family of Bellbrook (later re-named Millbrook and comprising part of Abbeyleix Demesne.

Deed of Annuity for Denis Mulhall, Griaguenesmuttin County Laois ,farmer, to Samuel Edge, M.D. of Clonbrock County Laois.

Original bundle of papers of Sir Edward Massey, Senior, grantee of the manor of Abbeyleix, about the estate and debts of of the late Sir Amos Meredith, Bt. of Ballynakill.

1675-8; 1695;
Accounts between Muschamp and his stewart and seneschal for the manor of Abbeyleix, Daniel Green. 1675-8, and two letters to Muschamp from Green, 1695.

1707-11; 1713;
Letters to Thomas Fitzgerald and his wife from John Hutchinson and Mary Nichols, the steward and housekeeper at Abbeyleix, about 'stays' and other minor household matters 1707-11, and two papers about the settlement of a dispute over accounts between Hutchinson and Vesey.

Letters to the 2nd Viscount De Vesci from one Andrew Fauld about prospecting for coal on Clonkeen, near Abbeyleix. For leases of Clonkeen, at least one of which relates to minerals.

Small bundle of letters and papers of the 2nd Viscount De Vesci about the amicable resolution of a dispute between Sir Robert Staples, 8th Bt. and the Rev. Sewell Stubber of Moyne, near Durrow, over fox-covers at Abbeyleix.

Letters to Stewart & Kincaid from one Thomas Millie, who writes from Derrycavin (Abbeyleix), Maryborough, and elsewhere in the neighbourhood, and appears to have been a Road Surveyor superintending the Abbeyleix-Mountmellick road.

Letters to Vesey from his younger brother, William, about puppies, family news, a great affray at Corbally (between Abbeyleix & Maryborough) in 1822, the opening of a new chapel, and the sermon preached by Dr James Warren Doyle, Roman Catholic Bishop of Leighlin, 1823.

Seventeen folders of letters to De Vesey from the Abbeyleix agent, Edmond L Swan, about all manner of County Laois business.

Two folders of letters to the 3rd Viscount De Vesci from Swan's successor, Colonel Ferderick Bull.

Letters to 3rd Viscount De Vesci, from George Baker, stableman at Abbeyleix.

Letters to the 3rd Viscount De Vesci and Lady De Vesci from Isaac Wager, a former gamekeeper, who writes telling hard-luck stories and asking for money.

Begging letters to the 3rd Viscount from John Collins (apparently a tenant in Abbeyleix town)

Correspondence about the 3rd Viscount De Vesci's possible purchase of Joshua Evans part of Clonad (near Abbeyleix).

1868; 1875
Original bundle of applications and recommendations to the 3rd Viscount De Vesci for the vacant job of steward of Abbeyleix, 1868, together with a letter from the successful canditate, John Lindsay, 1875.

Correspondence between the 3rd Viscount and Mrs Isabella Guthrie, (the widow of an employee) who seeks a pension.

1873; 1875;
Letters to the 3rd Viscount from Andrew Cairnduff, an estate employee of at Abbeyleix.

Box of papers written or kept by John Vesey while in prisoner-of-war camp at Stalag, V11A, Moosburg Bavaria.

Narrow folio volume, bound in green vellum, recording purchases for household consumption by one Michael Brett.

Small octavo, soft bound volume, kept by one William Preston.

Original bundle of vouchers produced by Iver Olesen Sidelmann, steward of Abbeyleix.

Executions in Maryborough Gaol;

Whelan Patrick-Bergin John-Fitzpatrick Patrick

Gannon Edward.

D'arcy John-Price Patrick.

Moore Catherine

Moore Jeremiah

Goss Richard

Plant George

Geraghty Patrick-Byrne Joseph

Benjamin Bunbury married Mary Kelly, daughter of John Kelly, Clonreher, (just outside Maryborough)
They had three sons-Matthew-Benjamin-Joseph, and 4 daughters-Elizabeth-Anne-Hannah-Diana.

A robbery took place at Lamberton Cottage, where robbers entered the room of Lady Tydd and compelled Lady Tydd to hand over cash and Jewellery to the value of 200.

Number of females in the workhouse, 1854, having Illegitimate children under 12 years; 13

Number of females under 50 in the workhouse; 63

Number of children born Illegitimate in the half-year 1854; 2

Report on Fever Hospitals;

Abbeyleix; Building unsuitable.

Portlaoise; County Hospital; Accommodation insufficent.

Mountmellik Home; Bathing and sanitary accommodation defective.

Officers of Poor Law Unions who resigned their offices;

Plunkett Anne-Schoolmistress-1873-aged 60-13 years service-cause of resignation, Infirmity of body; Granted.

Bingham Margaret-Fever hospital nurse-1878-aged 58-12 years service-cause of resignation, Infirmity of body; Grated.
1881 England census;
Inmates in York Union Workhouse; (all from Ireland)
Daley James; 64
Duffy Matthew; 81
Carnell Ann; 24
Casey Thomas; 43
O Harra Ann; 79
O Harra Hugh; 45
Connor John; 46
Hart Thomas; 49
Holland Mary; 39
Clancy William; 39
Donoghue Philip; 68
Fillburn Frances; 53
Carroll Thomas; 49
Carney John; 50
Igo Mary; 73
Kelly James; 65
Lavell Bridget; 69
Mc Guinness Jno; 76
Muldowney Michael; 63
Norton Frank; 69
Spilman Michael; 34
Scully James; 55
Salmon Mary; 67
Quinn Martin; 70
Maloney Matthew; 76
Mc Donald Margaret; 55

from the O Doyne (O Duinn) Manuscript;

Inquisition at Maryborough, 22/9/1607;
An inquisition indented taken at Maryborough in the Queens County, the 22nd day of September 1607 in the year of the Reign of our sovereign lord King James of England, France and Ireland, the fifth and of Scotland the one and fortieth before Sir Henry Power, knight, William Parsons, Esq, surveyor general of all his Majesty's possessions within this realm, Robarte Piggott, Esq, Alexander Barringtonn, Esq, Piers Owingtonn, Esq, being amongst others assigned in this case, Commissioners by virtue of his Majesty's Letters Patent under the great Seal of this his Highness's realm of Ireland bearing date at Dublin the third day of July in the fifth year of his Majesty's reign of England, Fraunce and Ireland and of Scotland the fortieth which is to these presents annexed. And also after public proclamation in, and by the sheriff of, the said Queen's County in the next market towns where the lands underwritten are situate, lying and being, in manner as in the said Commission is required, by the oaths of good and lawful men of the aforesaid County whose names are here underwritten;
Robert Whitney of Shiane
Marten Shelton of Slety
Thomas Fitzgerald of Emoe
William O Dwigin of Balliduffe
George Hetherington of Tully
Arthur Keatinge of Ballickmoyler
Geffrey Mc Fene of Tentuor
Donell Mc Dermotte of Clone
William Mc Mahowne of Ballinraly
Donell Fitzpatricke of Grangebegge
Shane Mc Donell of Formoyle
William O Fullaine of Knockvaline
Thomas Hardinge of Marriboroghe
Lawerence Allen of same
john Devevete of same
Shane Mc Cassyn of Culkyry.

In January 1915, a Circle of the Irish Republican Bortherhood was formed in Portlaoise. The following people were sworn in by P J Ramsbottom-
Laurence Brady-Lalors Mills Portlaoise
Thomas Brady-Lalors Mills Portlaoise
Patrick Muldowney-Portlaoise
John Muldowney-Portlaoise
Colum Holohan-Portlaoise
Michael J Sheridan-Portlaoise
Michael Gray-Portlaoise
Michael Walsh-Portlaoise.
Wills & Administrations 1898-1922;

Muldowney James
Primary Beneficiary/Executor-John Cormick
Sec. Beneficiary/Execuror-Patrick Dunne
Died; 28/9/1898-Queens County.
Muldowney Richard
Ditto-Patrick Muldowney
Died; 4/2/1879
Margaret Muldowney
ditto-Patrick Muldowney
Died; 11/2/1878
Michael Muldowney
ditto-John Muldowney
Died; 10/3/1898
Michael Muldowney
ditto-Bridget Muldowney
Died; 26/5/1890
Patrick Muldowney
ditto-Mary Muldowney
Died; 25/12/1913
Edward Muldowney
ditto-Kate Muldowney
Died; 21/3/1918
Byrne John
ditto-Teresa Byrne
Died; 27/12/1878
Byrne Stephen
ditto-Denis Moore
Died; 27/1/1898
Bowe Anne
ditto-Andrew Bowe
Died; 7/2/1919

High Sheriff Queens County;
The Hon. Henry Flower-The Castle Durrow.
Death; New York
Catherine Smith (44)-wife of Mr J Smith
Mr P Cannon-late Maryborough QC
Alicia (72)-wife of James Cody Abbeyleix QC.
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