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Genealogy Laois – headstone data for genealogical research

Genealogy Laois is dedicated to helping anyone researching their Irish roots to obtain tangible evidence of their ancestors from Co Laois from headstone records, that surpass written records that were destroyed in the great fire in Dublin in 1922.

We have recorded headstone inscription data from thousands of gravestones in hundreds of graveyards throughout Co Laois, and many in bordering counties. We also have hundreds of photos of churches, cemeteries and towns and villages, which will be invaluable for anyone interested in genealogy or the history of the Laois area.

The importance of headstone inscriptions

Tracing your family tree can be an enlightening and exciting project, but it can also be frustrating. Birth, marriage and baptism records can be incomplete or may no longer exist. (Indeed, a Dublin fire in 1922 obliterated years of official records). Certificates are available from

Often, the only surviving evidence of an ancestor’s existence is the actual headstone on their grave. But finding a specific headstone (also called gravestones or tombstones) can be a truly daunting task, often requiring visits to dozens of far-flung graveyards.

Simplifying your search

We’ve made it easy for you. If you know or suspect that you have ancestors from the Laois area, Genealogy Laois probably has their names on record.
Our records are as detailed as the headstones allow, including such data as:
  • Names
  • Dates
  • Addresses

A Permanent Record

Literally etched in stone, headstone inscriptions are nevertheless not indestructible. Erosion and, unfortunately, vandalism can fade or destroy this valuable source of genealogical information. Genealogy Laois captures this precious information before time erases it from gravestones forever.

Let us help you in your journey to discover your Irish roots.

For any individual headstone photo's and burial records a minimum fee of €10 will apply.
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Graveyards of Laois is the first ever record taken of over 100 graveyards in Laois with written records of thousands of headstones from graveyards both new and old throughout Laois.

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